In the heart of New York’s bustling music scene, Gene Pritsker stands as a luminary composer, with a vast and diverse body of work that traverses the musical spectrum. His compositions, numbering over eight hundred, are a testament to his unyielding creativity, ranging from chamber operas to orchestral masterpieces, electro-acoustic soundscapes, and even forays into the world of hip-hop and rock. Pritsker’s eclectic style draws inspiration from his extensive studies of various musical cultures, making him a true musical innovator.

Pritsker’s influence goes far beyond the composition room. He’s the mastermind behind Sound Liberation, an ensemble that defies genre boundaries, seamlessly blending hip-hop, chamber, jazz, rock, and more. Additionally, he co-directs Composers Concordance. His works are performed worldwide, gracing internationally renowned festivals and stages. His co-founding of the Grammy-nominated Absolute Ensemble, his collaborations with jazz fusion legend Joe Zawinul, and his orchestration for major Hollywood films and television series showcase his multifaceted talents.

Ljiljana Winkler and the Solenne Band perform the music of Gene Pritsker”, released on October 27th, 2023, is nothing short of a musical revelation. It’s a deep and immersive dive into Pritsker’s intricate compositions, brought to life by a stellar ensemble. At the forefront, we have the incredibly gifted Ljiljana Winkler, whose soprano vocals take center stage. Her voice, like a finely tuned instrument, weaves seamlessly with Pritsker’s compositions, breathing life into every note. The emotional depth and vocal range displayed in each track are awe-inspiring.

The instrumental arrangements are a testament to Pritsker’s expertise in blending genres. Saori Anraku on the piano, Peter Oswald on trumpet, Kay Fischer on saxophone, Uli Fiedler on bass, and Harald Alt on the drum set, come together to create a sonic landscape that is nothing short of enchanting. Each instrument finds its unique place in the tapestry of sound, enhancing the rich textures of Pritsker’s compositions.

EP Track List:

the opening track of the EP, sets the stage with an alluring blend of sophistication and classical charm. This song is a striking fusion of genres, showcasing a bold move that characterizes the entire EP. From the very beginning, the presence of opera-style vocals, courtesy of the talented soprano Ljiljana Winkler, establishes a captivating tone. The juxtaposition of classical opera vocals with the chamber ensemble creates a distinct and enchanting musical landscape.
What makes “Path” particularly fascinating is the seamless evolution of the song. As it progresses, the addition of trumpet melodies introduces a unique twist. These trumpet melodies interweave with the soprano’s powerful vocals, creating a rich tapestry of sound. This captivating interaction between vocals and trumpet infuses the song with a dynamic quality, taking the listener on an engaging journey through diverse musical landscapes.
The song’s opera-style singing is a highlight, effortlessly capturing the listeners with its evocative and mesmerizing melody. It’s a testament to the skill of both the composer, Gene Pritsker, and the performers, who bring this unconventional blend of classical and contemporary elements to life. “Path” serves as an exquisite introduction to the EP, offering a taste of the remarkable musical journey that lies ahead, where every note, every nuance, and every instrument comes together to create an unforgettable experience.

Blues From An Airport Bar: Movement 2:
In “Blues From An Airport Bar: Movement 2,” the EP takes a dramatic turn, creating a mesmerizing musical narrative that weaves together the exceptional vocal performance and intricate musical arrangements. The vocals, reminiscent of opera-style singing, stand out with their evocative delivery, setting the stage for a captivating story. The track’s composition is reminiscent of a classic cinematic experience, with a hint of nostalgia that draws the listener into a different era.
What truly distinguishes this track is the interplay between the dramatic vocals, the evocative trumpet segments, and the rhythmic beats. These elements combine to craft a musical journey that feels like watching a timeless movie unfold before your ears. The trumpet’s presence adds depth and character to the composition, enriching the overall texture and atmosphere of the track. The opera-style vocals, with their grandeur and emotional resonance, are particularly remarkable, leaving a lasting impact.
The instrumentals in “Blues From An Airport Bar: Movement 2” are skillfully arranged and add a layer of depth to the song’s narrative. They create a dynamic backdrop to the dramatic vocals, effectively enhancing the overall impact of the track. The seamless fusion of classical opera-style vocals with the gripping instrumentals results in a truly immersive listening experience. It’s a testament to the artistic prowess of Gene Pritsker and the remarkable talents of Ljiljana Winkler and the Solenne Band. This track offers a compelling journey through a vivid musical landscape, making it an absolute highlight on the EP.

Blues From An Airport Bar: Movement 4:
As the final track on the EP, “Blues From An Airport Bar: Movement 4” leaves a lasting impression with its masterful composition and soul-stirring performance. The song begins with an intricate and captivating instrumental composition that sets the stage for a musical journey. The arrangement immediately draws the listener in, creating an anticipation for the soulful soprano vocals to make their entrance.
When the soulful soprano vocals do emerge, they take center stage with an impressive and emotive performance. Ljiljana Winkler’s vocal prowess soars to great heights, delivering a captivating and heartrending performance that resonates deeply. What makes this track particularly enchanting is the seamless interplay between the vocal and instrumental elements. The soprano’s opera-style singing is complemented by the instrumentals in a harmonious dance, creating a symphony of emotions that truly captivates the senses.
Blues From An Airport Bar: Movement 4” is a fitting conclusion to the EP, leaving a lasting impact with its exceptional vocal and instrumental performances. It showcases the remarkable artistry of both the composer, Gene Pritsker, and the talented ensemble, offering a beautiful blend of classical and contemporary elements.

In each of the EP’s five tracks, there’s an undeniable chemistry between the vocals and instrumentals. It’s a harmonious blend where every note, every crescendo, and every pause is thoughtfully crafted to create a captivating listening experience. The music draws you in, inviting you to explore its depths and intricacies.

Gene Pritsker

As you delve into this EP, you’ll discover the brilliance of Gene Pritsker’s compositions, brought to life by the exceptional talents of Ljiljana Winkler and the Solenne Band. It’s not just a collection of songs; it’s a journey through the evolving landscape of contemporary music, a bridge between classical and avant-garde, a tribute to a composer whose work continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences. This is a musical masterpiece that deserves your undivided attention.

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