Sun King Rising is a musical project led by John Blangero, a multifaceted artist hailing from Port Isabel, TX. Blending his southern family culture with influences from literary genius William Faulkner, the compositional brilliance of George Gershwin, Elton John’s blue-eyed soul, and the funky rhythms of Muscle Shoals, Sun King Rising’s genre-defying style stands as a testament to his musical prowess.

On November 3rd, 2023, Sun King Rising unveiled his musical gem, “One More Story to Tell”, a standout track from the highly acclaimed album ‘Signs & Wonders’. The collaborative brilliance of a stellar cast of musicians enriches this composition, featuring Steve Schuffert on guitars, George Elliott on bass guitar, and George Perilli on drums.

Sun King Rising’s

The enchanting backing vocals by Stevee Wellons, Joy Brown, and Bernice Wilkerson add a celestial layer to the song’s narrative. Produced by Ace Acker and meticulously engineered by David Granati at Maplewood Studio in Ambridge, PA, with the final touch of mixing and mastering by Brian Foraker, this track is a testament to top-notch production quality.

The captivating essence of “One More Story to Tell”, lies in its genre-defying style, seamlessly blending southern rock, country, and soul. The theme of the song, revolving around a musician who charms with his music, is artfully captured in both the lyrical narrative and the overall charm of the composition. This song serves as a perfect example of its thematic essence, charming listeners with its infectious rhythm and captivating vocals. Sun King Rising’s ability to transcend conventional boundaries is evident, making the track a beautiful testament to his artistic prowess.

The opening notes of the song unveil a captivating and rhythmic melody, setting the stage for an enchanting journey. The male vocals, delivered with a mesmerizing smoothness, immediately seize the listener’s attention. The vocal performance is not only beautifully executed but also showcases a remarkable vocal prowess. The addition of a melodic choir, weaving in Stevee Wellons, Joy Brown, and Bernice Wilkerson, adds a rhythmic depth and enhances the overall melody, with the male maintaining a perfect range throughout.

The instrumental elements are masterfully woven together, creating a rhythmic and melodic masterpiece. Striking the perfect balance between engagement and restraint, the instrumentals, featuring guitars, bass, and drums, enthrall the listener with their engaging beats and rhythm. The seamless fusion of vocals and instrumentals elevates the impact and rhythm of the song, earning applause for its commendable synergy.

Together, the vocals and instrumentals form an enchanting musical tapestry that captivates and draws the listener into its rhythmic web. The magic lies in the seamless fusion of these elements, a testament to the song’s top-notch production quality. “One More Story to Tell” is more than just a song; it’s a rhythmic and vocal marvel that demands attention, captivating with its infectious rhythm and vocal prowess.

In conclusion, this song is a true musical gem that showcases Sun King Rising’s mastery of his craft. With a captivating narrative, beautiful vocals, and a seamless fusion of instrumentals, “One More Story to Tell” is an experience that lingers long after the final notes fade away. Don’t miss the opportunity to be enchanted by the magic woven into this captivating piece—go check out this song!

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