“Change Your Ways”

Matt DeAngelis is a 24-year-old singer and songwriter from Southern New Jersey in the United States. Since he was eight years old, he has been developing his craft as a songwriter with the ultimate aim of promoting positivity in a world that is rife with conflict and negativity. He has internalized the time-sensitive world around him despite having an OCD/anxiety disorder that has been recognized in him since he was a young child. His strong faith, which has served as a compass in his growth as a songwriter, has taught him how to turn adversity into opportunity. DeAngelis has spent his entire life advocating for issues like climate change and mental health. He has also always been fascinated by the weather. In recent years, he has also taken up the hobby of storm chasing in an effort to spread the word about climate change, which has emerged as a serious threat to the survival of our planet.

On November 18, 2022, DeAngelis released his most recent single, “Change Your Ways,” along with a music video. With producer Tom Conran and Billy Kennedy, who also happens to be a fantastic guitarist, it was recorded at Southern New Jersey’s Gradwell House and Musically Speaking Studio. Pounding drums, angular guitars, and a depressing piano are all used in the melodic composition “Change Your Ways.” The polarization that has permeated many people’s attitudes in the United States and the rest of the world was observed by DeAngelis, who served as the song’s inspiration. Contrary to expectations, the song quickly switches from its pop ballad beginnings to classic rock with heavier instrumentation and an incredible guitar solo before DeAngelis finishes it with a straightforward piano outro.

“Change Your Ways” is an intense and captivating song that will touch and lift your spirit while also making you consider “your ways.” Rich vocals by DeAngelis gracefully meld with the swaying, accelerating movements to highlight the significance of the song’s concept in changing attitudes. According to DeAngelis, listening to “Change Your Ways” is the wake-up call we all need to pay attention to the pressing issues facing our society, such as mental health and climate change.

You won’t be disappointed if you listen to this wonderful single right away.

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