Set in Boston, USA, George Bolton’s Transcendental has always had a strong bond with music. His early interest in synthesizers and the electronic sounds of the 90s stoked his desire to make avant-garde music. Bolton’s adventure started right in the center of the emerging Boston Trance scene, which welcomed the vibrant and avant-garde nature of Techno and Trance recordings. It was during this dynamic time that his first big project, “Trancendental,” came to life, its distinctive blend of electronic sounds perfectly expressing the spirit of the day.

George Bolton’s musical path has been one of continuous evolution. Over the years, he has explored various genres and styles, allowing his sound to mature and diversify. His previous project, “The Screaming Pope,” active for the past three years, received critical acclaim and highlighted his ability to craft compelling electronic music. This project, characterized by its experimental and avant-garde approach, was a testament to Bolton’s versatility and creativity.

Even with his success, Bolton never lost sight of his origins. “George Bolton’s Trancendental” represents a return to the basic sounds that influenced him in the beginning. His evolution as an artist and his unwavering love for electronic music are demonstrated by this fresh version of his 90s project. Bolton is ready to start a new chapter and is excited to share his dynamic and eclectic sound with live audiences, beginning with house parties in Boston.

A world where nostalgia and modernity coexist harmoniously is about to be shown to you. The world was treated to a unique audio experience as George Bolton’s Transcendental album “Atomic” had its official release on May 24th, 2024. This masterwork brings the lively 90s Techno and Trance culture back to life while redefining it and fusing music with modern elements. “Atomic” is a musical odyssey that embodies transcendence and invention; it’s more than just an album. George Bolton’s Transcendental song “Atomic” is poised to enthrall listeners and push the limits of electronic music, with each track painstakingly designed to create strong feelings and intense sensations. Prepare to enter a world of sound that honors the history and future of electronic dance music.

Atomic Album Track List:

As I listened to “Vapourtrail,” the opening track of George Bolton’s Transcendental’s album “Atomic,” I was immediately drawn into its cozy yet electrifying atmosphere. This EDM piece seamlessly balances calmness and energy, making it perfect for both relaxed listening and high-energy club performances. The track opens with a heavy bassy synth that builds up continuously until the 0:11 mark. At 0:12, it transitions into a fusion of EDM-inspired beats and bassy synths, establishing a consistent, upbeat yet laidback rhythmic energy that forms the core of the composition.
By the 0:27 mark, the introduction of light yet deep synth sounds transforms the track, adding layers that enhance its percussive qualities. This buildup reaches a climax at the 0:42 mark, where the rhythmic energy peaks. Throughout the track, I could hear the meticulous inclusion of percussive sounds and synth samples that elevated the overall feel. At the 0:43 mark, the track begins to alternate between synthesized male and female vocals, adding a cozy, chill dimension to the song. These vocals are soothing and calming, perfectly complementing the track’s foundation.
What truly sets “Vapourtrail” apart is its unwavering consistency. From start to finish, the track maintains its tempo, rhythmic presence, and essence, ensuring that its groove remains constant. This stability is a testament to Bolton’s skillful production and deep understanding of EDM. For anyone seeking a chilled yet groovy EDM vibe, “Vapourtrail” offers an unparalleled experience. Its perfect balance of calm and energy makes it a standout track that embodies the transcendental quality of George Bolton’s music.

The catchy single “Euphoria,” off George Bolton’s Transcendental album “Atomic,” is an entrancing blend of dreamy tones and an EDM flow with hip-hop influences. I was instantly taken to a dreamlike realm where groovy, earthy feelings mingled with ethereal soundscapes from the opening chords. A transcendental feeling is created by the track’s opening, long, calming piano notes. The bass enters the mix with a regal charm, lending depth and richness to the otherwise tranquil sounds.
At the 0:24 mark, the track introduces a hip-hop inspired EDM beat, transforming the soundscape into a groovy, midtempo rhythm that maintains a laidback yet energetic feel. The smooth sailing groove is further enhanced by captivating guitar licks and intricate patterns, adding an elegant layer to the already rich tapestry of sounds. This blend of elements remains consistent throughout the track, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience. The consistency of the track’s energy and groove is remarkable, drawing me in and keeping me engaged from start to finish.
At the end of “Euphoria,” I became aware of the subtly placed tap-turning sound samples, which gave the song’s closing sections a hint of mystery and interest. The perfect symphony of dreamy and funky components and the meticulous attention to detail make “Euphoria” stand out. George Bolton’s skillful fusion of these disparate elements into a cohesive whole is quite remarkable. “Euphoria” is proof of Bolton’s inventiveness and his capacity to create music with a rhythmic vigor that is both based in otherworldliness.

Listening to “Expand” from George Bolton’s Transcendental’s album “Atomic” was an incredibly immersive experience. The track, true to its name, reaches far beyond conventional limits, encapsulating a deep well of emotions and unique sensations. From the very first notes, the rhythmic flow of the electronic bass synth, harmonizing vocals, and signature synth movements created an infectious groove. This initial soundscape was both groovy and laidback, setting a perfect foundation for what was to come.
The EDM-inspired beat made its appearance at 0:15, progressively infiltrating with a regal and groovy vibe that reached its peak at 0:30. The track’s course was altered by this addition, which also gave it more vibrancy and vitality. The midtempo groove complemented the progressive, lively rhythm flawlessly, resulting in a relaxed yet captivating ambiance. Captivated by the smooth blending of sounds, I couldn’t help but bop my head in time with the beat. Bolton’s skillful production is evident in the track’s ability to keep a cool, laid-back vibe while yet being lively.
To elevate “Expand” even further, Bolton incorporated sweet, delicate vocals that served as melodious ad-libs, alternating between male and female voices. These vocals added a layer of warmth and enhanced the overall musical soundscape. The consistently moving bright synth sounds provided additional texture and depth. Every detail in this track, from the intricate instrumentation to the thoughtful orchestration, contributed to its transcendent quality. “Expand” stands out as a marvel of musical craftsmanship, showcasing Bolton’s ability to create an expansive and emotionally resonant auditory experience.


“Ancestors,” a track from George Bolton’s Transcendental’s album “Atomic,” stands out as a historical and sonic masterpiece. From the moment I hit play, I was enveloped in a rich tapestry of sounds that seamlessly blend EDM with subtle trap sensibilities. The track opens with a melodic run of thrilling synth-piano notes, complemented by dynamic synth sounds that enhance the overall aural landscape. As the synth-guitar sounds gently weave their way into the mix, alongside delicate piano notes and signature synths moving with precision, I could feel the track’s depth and complexity unfold.
By the 0:30 mark, the EDM-inspired percussive beat is fully unleashed, introducing a vibrant, upbeat rhythmic flow that pulses with energy. The full instrumental arrangement creates a groovy yet simultaneously laidback feel, maintaining a balanced rhythmic consistency that is both progressive and engaging. The track’s progression feels natural and meticulously crafted, ensuring that each element contributes to its overall dynamism. The ethereal quality of flute-like sounds adds an otherworldly dimension, enhancing the track’s uniqueness.
The female harmonizing vocals in “Ancestors” are one of the song’s most remarkable elements; they give the beat an unparalleled grace and a sense of divinity. “Ancestors” is distinguished from other EDM songs by these vocals and the flute-like sounds that are used consistently throughout the song. A sublime listening experience is produced by this deliberate layering of sounds, which is enhanced by its complex, almost spiritual, aspects while remaining rooted in rhythmic vigor. George Bolton’s “Ancestors” is a demonstration of his ability to push the envelope in electronic music, crafting a song that is genuinely historic in both its scale and execution.

George Bolton’s Trancendental’s album “Atomic” demonstrates how the artist can blend a range of inspirations into a smooth, transcendental experience. This album is a must-listen for lovers of electronic dance music and those experimenting with new sounds because each track has something special to offer. I fervently recommend this album to anybody searching for a transformative musical journey and to those who like a fusion of modern and old sounds. George Bolton’s “Atomic” song honors his past while also laying the groundwork for his future successes.

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