Galactapus the unorthodox group announces “The Rainbow of wrong”

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Galactapus is a musical group of five-headed garage program creatures from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Due to their anonymity and mystique in the eyes of the public, galactapus has been a topic of increasing artists worldwide. They have declined to feature in any music videos or live performances, which may compromise their anonymity. 

Galactapus "The Rainbow of Wrong"
Galactapus “The Rainbow of Wrong”

The press has characterized Galactapus as mysterious, bizarre, untamed, incomprehensible, and a lot of other strange things. There have been comparisons to groups like the Residents, Can, Chrome, and Sun City Girls, among others. Galactapus would undoubtedly disagree with any of this. They are adamant about only creating music that stands on its own and has a compelling purpose to exist. Since their expansive and enigmatic debut, “I Intend To Stay,” Galactapus has received positive reviews and has been featured in spotlights all around the world.

Some people’s perception of them as a hippie death cult has been reinforced by the arthouse horror of their later music videos. Following, the twisted Christmas EP “You Better Not Cry” received a lot of attention in December and is sure to become a perennial classic, in unorthodox circles. Their current single, “The Lustful Art,” is currently streaming across all platforms. 

According to the band, “At best, there are a handful of ways to do something right, but a breathtakingly vast and beautiful spectrum of ways to do it wrong.” In their new upcoming release, “The Rainbow Of Wrong,” a carousel of incongruous instruments plays a firehose of sound that is morphing and consuming each other, making for a sly and twisted listening experience. However, the confusion’s bombast does a good job of communicating their peculiar sexual energy.

Galactapus "The Rainbow of Wrong"
Galactapus “The Rainbow of Wrong”

The second full-length album by Galactapus, “The Rainbow of Wrong,” which will be made public and accessible across all platforms. On January 13, 2023, have got fans eagerly anticipating what they have in store for their upcoming album, “Rainbow of Wrong.” several questions such as, “What will the group’s performance be like?” Is it going to be yet another faceless and anonymous music? If they emerge from hiding and violate their privacy rule to reveal their true faces and names to the public, their devoted followers and the rest of the world will be astounded by this. Reports say they may opt to surprise their fans and the rest of the world by producing a music video or playing live before or after the release of yet another mind-blowing song on January 13, 2023. 

Galactapus "The Rainbow of Wrong"
Galactapus “The Rainbow of Wrong”

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