“Love Song” New Single by MNERVA

Matt Wagner, better known by his fans and peers as MNERVA, is an American singer and drummer. Warner is one of the indie rising stars and has impressed many through his burgeoning music scene. His high-energy live shows, infectiously catchy songs, and his insane skills as a drummer have made him earn admiration from most of his peers in the industry. MNERVA released one of her most beautiful songs to date, the aptly named “Love Song” on 11/11. 

A song that delves into self-reflection and discovering feelings and emotions you didn’t realize you were capable of. People may have different thoughts about different types of music and how it influences the next generation and Wagna’s song is not an exception. Some of MNERVA’s standout attributes include his vibrant spirit and sonic versatility. These attributes account for a large part if not all the evident blends of country music elements with current urban trends. 

Music can do a lot of things for different types of people, and this diversity of media can make you feel better about yourself when you’re sad but can also make you really happy. The Nashville singer and drummer has managed to create an impressive and sound career within a short space. If you were to ask most people living outside of Nashville what type of music the city is known for, more often than not, you would hear the reply “country”. While this fact is certainly ingrained into the hearts and minds of most people living in the city, what’s lesser known about Nashville is its thriving underground rock community.


MNERVA goes on and on and won’t hesitate to just own it. With his clever verses, legit conveyance, and fiery creation, MNERVA has produced his own path in the Elective scene by melding his stone, hip bounce, and melodic venue impacts into a firm solid. Initially hailing from Germantown, Maryland, MNERVA moved to Nashville in 2015 to sharpen his art and appeared as a hip-bounce craftsman in mid-2020 in the wake of becoming a web sensation by composing a jukebox melodic in view of the list of 21 pilots. Yet, in the wake of getting through the Coronavirus pandemic, MNERVA embraced his stone foundation and started drilling down into his battles with emotional well-being and his apprehension about what’s in store. The outcome is his introduction EP, Blabber, is a blustering perfection of five years of individual difficulties and self-revelation. With this venture, MNERVA has at long last solidified his sound and is prepared to challenge the traditional shrewdness of consolidating rock and hip bounce.

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