Music Entertainment Sharl’s New Song speaks to the soul.

Sharl’s New Song speaks to the soul.

Sharl is an up-and-coming Singer-Songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. With an ambitious attitude and the talent to back it up, she creates tunes that speak freely and openly. Previously signed to a United Kingdom-based indie record label, she has since broken free to release music independently. When Melbourne’s lockdowns forced Sharl home like the rest of us, it allowed her the time to recapture her creative past (when she was signed to a UK indie records label). Sharl is building her audience once again with infectious music that speaks to the soul.


The extra space and energy the singer-songwriter had to focus on her songwriting were turned into an outlet for her own self-reflection about her music career as well as documenting personal moments experiencing the dating game. She has now collected ten songs – from classic pop ballads and vintage disco beats to stylized modern hyper pop – on her album ‘City Lights. Her latest album, City Lights, was born out of months of reflection during Melbourne’s many lockdowns.

Furthermore, Sharl really crafts a story with her words that keeps you invested in finding the end. Her entire album is filled with tracks similar to this, thus she needs to be appreciated more. Her musical ability and tactility are a class apart from most independent artists. While her music varies in style, she manages to stay true to herself. Especially with her voice, which is so easy on the ears. Sharl is a musician who is ready to take over the Pop industry with her brilliant melodies and smooth rhythms.

Sharl has taken many steps in the cultivation of herself and her music since the release of her new album City Lights; a culturally symbiotic journey only possible by acknowledging and learning from your trials. The video for the album track Outside, a feel-good disco-pop song, has now been released by the Melburnian pop artist.


Outside’s video, inspired by an underworld beyond the city lights, expands on the urbane-disco sounds with a noir meets cyberpunk aesthetic. Sharl collaborated with Hustle Dance Crew, one of Melbourne’s premier K-pop dance crews, to highlight local talent. Other local artists featured in the video include Kevin Silvester and Ash from the indie band The Clever References, and it depicts an entirely Asian-Australian vision.

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