Horst Grabosch

Horst Grabosch Unveils ‘Addictive Feelings’: An Intimate And Hauntingly Beautiful Creation

Horst Grabosch, a talented artist from Germany, has taken a varied route in his career. Grabosch, born in Wanne-Eickel in 1956, developed a strong interest in music during his early years, which inspired him to further his education in German, philosophy, and musicology in Bochum and Cologne. In 1984, he completed his commitment and graduated…

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Lotte BMfee

Lotte BMfee Unveils ‘B Yourself’: A Bold Anthem Embracing Authenticity And Individuality

Originally from Munich, Lotte BMfee is quickly making a name for herself in Germany’s lively music industry. Lotte BMfee is recognized for his expressive songwriting and unique combination of electronic music elements, creating a deep emotional connection with his audience by taking them on a nostalgic and heartfelt journey through his music. Committed to crafting…

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Olesia Glants

Olesia Glants Unleashes ‘Movin’: A Dive Into The World The Captivating World Of Fantasy And Liberation

Olesia Glants, a talented artist from Ukraine, has made a lasting impact on the music industry. From a young age, Glants has been deeply involved in the music scene. She has traveled across continents with her circus team, gaining inspiration from a variety of cultures worldwide. Currently situated in the lively metropolis of Dubai, she…

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Roy Beatie

Roy Beatie Unleashes ‘Elektro Eklekto’: An Electrifying Odyssey Exploring The Sonic Landscapes Of EDM

From the vibrant city of Zagreb, Croatia, Roy Beatie’s journey through the music landscape is one marked by evolution and passion. From his early days weaving through various original bands with his guitar in hand, Roy’s musical prowess has been undeniable. His tenure with the top-notch band Dosh Lee was a testament to his ability…

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Credit: Jeroen van Eck

RHEIN Unveils ‘Daar’: A Captivating Journey Through Self-Discovery And Haunting Melodies

RHEIN, Reinier van den Haak’s musical persona, comes from Nijmegen, Netherlands, combining psychological depth with melodies inspired by dreams. Following a time dedicated to psychology, RHEIN comes back to the forefront of music, blending his two passions in a fascinating delve into the unconscious mind. Using insights from his psychology background, he explores the intricacies…

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Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown Unleashes “How Did Get This Far”: A Sonic Alchemy Delving Into Diverse Soundscapes

Meet Dr. Brown, a new artist originating from the remote scenery of Tamborine Mountain in Australia. Dr. Brown represents a hidden gem in the music industry, working diligently from his home studio in the Gold Coast hinterlands. Dr. Brown has moved through various musical styles, from experimental rock to hip-hop, reflecting the diversity of the…

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The Screaming Pope’s “Your Star”: A Celestial Symphony Of Sound

As The Screaming Pope, George Bolton discovered his calling in the busy streets and lively music scene of downtown Boston. In 2020, The Screaming Pope made his debut, driven by his intense love of electronic music and his desire to experiment with the infinite possibilities of sound. Aiming for self-expression and artistic fulfillment, George’s musical…

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Australian-based Sonomancer releases his Anthemic single

“Stoppage Time” an original single by Sonomancer There is nothing else like Sonomancer’s music, which is completely original. His music has its roots in the UK rave scene, but it also borrows ominous melodies from film scores to give it a very unique aesthetic. Sonomancer creates a sound that is influenced by metal, the future, and independent music by fusing elements…

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