Hailing from Tübingen but currently residing in Berlin, Calcou is a versatile German musician who excels as a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He incorporates his jazz background into his modern music by mixing Chill, Deep House, and Electronica genres. Taking cues from musicians such as Kiasmos, Bonobo, and Christian Löffler, Calcou’s music embodies a special mix of styles, shaping a unique sonic environment.

Gaining attention in the electronic music scene, Calcou’s most recent release, “About last night (still dreaming)”, with Romanian singer-songwriter SBSTN, demonstrates his unique music-making style. Calcou’s music continues to captivate and inspire with over 200,000 monthly listeners on digital platforms and recognition from Spotify editorials and music blogs.

Credit: thea
Credit: thea

Released on March 15th, 2024, “About last night (still dreaming)” demonstrates the exceptional teamwork of Calcou and SBSTN, mixing UK Garage and Electronica genres to create a captivating musical journey. This song, included in Calcou’s upcoming album, unravels like a dreamy voyage from the beginning note. The beginning presents listeners with a soft, otherworldly tune that quickly grabs their interest with its comforting and reminiscent qualities. This peaceful beginning prepares us for what lies ahead, establishing a sense of calm and self-reflection.

While the melody progresses, a gentle rhythmic beat starts to appear, providing more complexity and richness to the piece. The rhythmic base is deliberately placed far back, ensuring the dreamy melody is the main focus. When we reach the 15-second point, the rhythmic beat intensifies and SBSTN’s gentle vocals begin, blending smoothly with the current musical components. His soothing tone and warm melodies in his vocals seamlessly mix with the dreamy background, which results in a feeling of unity and coherence in the song.

The careful attention to detail in “About last night (still dreaming)” is one of its distinguishing features. The incorporation of jazzy elements, along with SBSTN’s vocal elements, forms a distinctive sonic tapestry that is intricate and captivating. The interaction among these various musical elements provides audiences with an enchanting experience traveling through dream-like self-reflection. The lively pulse of the drums, blended with traditional UK garage influences, brings a vibrant and contagious energy to the song, making it impossible not to dance to. The rhythmic base, paired with a profound, oscillating bassline, generates a feeling of flow and development in the piece.

For Calcou, the song “About last night” is not just a song, it also represents the feeling of experiencing new things and the lasting dreamy sensation that comes after. This feeling is perfectly captured in the gentle and intricate music of the song, which keeps the listener engaged throughout. Calcou and SBSTN’s atmospheric music encourages listeners to immerse themselves in the dreamy sounds, evoking feelings of escape and awe.

Credit: thea
Credit: thea

The quality of the production in “About last night (still dreaming)” is impressive, allowing each instrument and vocal component to have room to stand out. The track has been skillfully combined and perfected, resulting in a cohesive and compelling sound. Giving careful consideration to the sonic intricacies ensures that each delicate element of the music is recognized and appreciated, enhancing the overall listening experience.

In conclusion, “About last night (still dreaming)” is a carefully crafted piece showcasing the joint talents of Calcou and SBSTN. It is a track that prompts listeners to embark on a dreamy adventure with its intricate melodies, rhythmic beats, and soulful vocals. Melding UK garage, Electronica, and jazz factors, this tune is a unique and revolutionary contribution to electronic track. Be sure to explore this captivating musical journey by listening to “About last night (still dreaming)” today!

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