The tracks on Gideon Foster’s album “Prophecy” represent his personal journey through life, looking back on the things that have impacted his past and learning about things that have shaped his present. The album features Gideon Foster’s distinct sound and his capacity to create songs that are both memorable and emotionally personal and that take the listener to a different place.

Gideon Foster, a 53-year-old singer-songwriter residing in Yorkshire, UK, has been composing and releasing original songs since 2019 and has so far released several singles and an EP.

Gideon Foster crafts a sound that is all his own, with persistent drums and a brooding bassline reminiscent of fellow Mancunians’ “New Order,” by combining nostalgic 90s pop-rock with current indie sensibilities. Gideon Foster was influenced primarily by singer-songwriter Scott Matthews to pick up his guitar ten years ago and has drawn on a deep well of influences ranging from Sharon Van Etten to Taylor Swift to craft his sound.

Gideon Foster is quietly cultivating a launch show later this year with the release of his full-length album “Prophecy” on the horizon. “Prophecy” is a collection of songs that symbolize Gideon Foster’s journey through life, a path that eventually led him to begin writing music 8 years ago, at a moment of profound personal transformation for him. The album was written in 2021, when the world’s speed had slowed due to the constraints in place, which for him was a moment of introspection to reflect on the events that had shaped the past and to uncover things that we didn’t realize at the time were influencing our future.

“Prophecy” Track list

· Affirmation 

· Curious Eyes

· Prophecy 

· Fatal Kiss 

· Six Feet Under 

· Days of Gold 

· Piece of Me

· Pictures Of You

· All Things 

· Hedonism 

· Cross The Stream

· Temptation 

· Love is Anarchy 

The album’s opening track, “Affirmation,” is an upbeat song that is really about the corporate world that Gideon Foster used to live in before he became a musician and where vulnerability is viewed as a sign of weakness. The song “Affirmation” is the ideal introduction to Gideon Foster’s distinctive sound and ability to write memorable yet intensely personal songs. 

“Curious Eye” was originally intended to be a calm, almost jazz-like song about learning to trust your instincts. However, Gideon Foster tried it with greater vigor, and the result was a hit.

On the title track, “Prophecy,” Gideon Foster had a recurring dream throughout his childhood about standing on a cliff and gazing down at the sea below, and it never made sense until later in life when he started writing the songs. On “Prophecy,” listeners will be treated to ethereal and echoed vocals that gradually grow into a beautiful and peaceful production, replete with a calming piano melody. The track is a stunning exhibition of Gideon Foster’s ability to produce atmospheric and emotive music that transports the listener to another planet.

“Fatal Kiss” goes nostalgic, with a deep bassline, an appealing guitar melody, and passionate vocals that combine flawlessly with the jazzy arrangement. It demonstrates Gideon Foster’s ability to create nostalgic yet fresh music. 

“Six Feet Under” is actually about being stranded and trying to figure everything out. It’s a smooth, subtle blend that turns into a cry for help at the song’s conclusion. The powerful “Days of Gold” overlays keys, drums, guitar, and synths, driving forward with a captivating bassline. While “Picture You” contains electronic elements that evoke nostalgia, such as the sound of an old cassette tape, in “All Things,” Gideon Foster discovered this in some old lyrics he wrote when he first started writing things; it really is about how life occasionally has plans for us that are completely at odds with the ideas we have as individuals. 

Meanwhile, “Hedonism” is not the general interpretation of the word; rather, it is a haunting song about elevating yourself above concepts of right and wrong. And “Cross The Stream,” with its upbeat sound and Gideon Foster’s cheerful delivery, is an unstoppable crowd-pleaser. “Love Is Anarchy” closes the album in tremendous style, with powerful strings and Gideon Foster’s remarkable vocals on full display.

Gideon Foster is publishing a short story called “Walking With Mae” to coincide with the release of his music, which is a fictional story of the change that occurred in his life. The book also includes lyrics and photography of the landscape around him in Yorkshire, which has been such an inspiration.

The songs “Fatal Kiss” and “Days of Gold” were pre-released in 2021 and 2022, respectively, while the whole album was released on March 24th, 2023.

Gideon Foster’s impressive album, “Prophecy,” serves as a compelling introduction to his artistic vision. It highlights the skills of a musician who is unquestionably ready to make his mark and leaves a deep, haunting impression both musically and lyrically. On Spotify, you can listen to the album “Prophecy,” and you can learn more about the talented musician by following him on social media.

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