Chucky Trading Co releases his folk rock single

“The Scars of Our War” by Chucky Trading Co is a song that tells the story of love reaching back from beyond the grave and how it can bring hope and healing to the emotional journey of dealing with the scars of a war that has ended which inspires listeners with its powerful and emotive theme.

In a dynamic collaboration between songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett YoungChucky Trading Co creates timeless new folk-rock songs that beat with the heart of Laurel Canyon. 15 passionate songs that examine love, life, and human nature are included in the first CTC album, which was released on December 1, 2021. Chucky Trading Co creates heartfelt arrangements, enchanted hooks, and visuals that reach deep inside of you, from the opening riff of Grace to the rattlesnake shake of the tambourine on Tumbleweeds.

A diverse range of experiences and influences are brought to CS Taber’s music. Taber performs to an extensive tapestry of musical textures, from his early years spent steeped in the spirits and rhythms of Central and West Africa to his coming-of-age in the rich acoustic traditions of Appalachia. In his songs, counterculture poets from the 1960s to the present are combined with the deceptively straightforward folk, rock, and pop genres. Through his songs, CS Taber creates images and stories on both timeless and contemporary issues. This debut album by acclaimed scholar and award-winning author, CS Taber, weaves together themes of unbalanced love (Psychopath Cool), the tragic limits of free will (In the Dark), mismatched hearts (Sleepwalking through History), and doubts about faith (Peace With the Devil). CS Taber is presently a resident of Manhattan, Kansas.

Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, Everett Young is a contemporary composer. Whether a movie asks for contemporary minimalism that doesn’t get in the way of the action or timeless themes and melodies like the most iconic soundtracks in movie history, he loves to compose outstanding music that creates the correct moods and elicits strong emotions in viewers. Documentaries, cartoons, and indie feature films have all had Everett’s music on them. Since the early 1990s, singer, songwriter, and producer Everett has experimented with jazz-inspired pop sounds, releasing four solo songs, including two under the name Kicklighter.

A creative musician who continually creates amazing music is Chucky Trading Co. On November 1, 2022, “The Scars Of Our War,” a spectral story of love from the afterlife, was released. You are reminded that Chucky Trading Co is an artist who constantly produces high-quality work from the very first notes of this track. It’s impossible to deny the excellence of the lyrics and musicianship; it’s never boring and always engaging. As CS Taber’s voice enters the mix after an ethereal collection of acoustic guitar sounds, you are immediately thrust into a musical theater-style song with overt allusions to late 1960s folk music. This section’s opening features some excellent percussion use. The appropriate amount of sparsity makes sure that the narration and voice are the main points of interest.

I began to question whether this was an early prog rock track that I’d somehow missed by the time an electric guitar and full band entered the mix. I find it to be simply amazing how easily Chucky Trading Co can combine so many genres. The chord progression throughout the tune is an interesting one with a few unanticipated twists and turns, and the rise and fall within the music is, as always, engaging and attention-grabbing. The depth of the vocal is really touching, and the keyboard melody that sounds like a violin is also quite outstanding. The transition that occurs throughout the song is captivating and seamless. The chorus, which resembles a chant to open a loved one’s grave, and the other instruments, which all blend beautifully together and keep getting louder as the story develops and nears its conclusion, are particularly strong points. It’s really an emotional song that conjures up a cloudy day, but as it goes on, the clouds begin to part, revealing the sun once more.

The lyrics are exquisite, and the composition is great in every sense; they play a story in your head without you even trying. The song’s emotional impact causes the listeners to simultaneously feel tranquility, melancholy, and grief.

The Scars of Our War” is a chilling tale of conflict and love! What occurs when love reaches back from beyond the grave? Put this on your warm playlist. It is a true recommendation because it comes from the ethereal atmosphere of the song, not because I’m a delighted fan.

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