Dorian’s most recent 7 tracks EP “33” (Deluxe Version)

Dorian is a singer and songwriter from New Jersey who has amassed a sizable fan base as a result of his sincere and passionate songs. He believes that by sharing his experiences, he can help others who are going through similar situations. Dorian has released four albums that cover a wide range of genres and are well-liked by listeners worldwide. Dorian is a genuine artist who pours his heart and soul into his music. He has a natural talent for telling relatable stories and writing catchy songs. If you haven’t already done so, you should listen to his music.

Dorian undergoes yet another transformation with his latest project, “33,” following the critically acclaimed album “Dream World Pt. 2: The Arrival,” which has amassed over 500,000 digital streams across streaming services worldwide. Dorian considers this body of work to be among his best, and it will undoubtedly show his development as an independent artist. As Dorian continues to tell his authentic life story and personal journey, he consistently and creatively finds ways to transform his experiences into songs that will leave a lasting impression on the listener. “33” is no exception, as Dorian embraces his personal trials, tribulations, and difficulties. This project allows him to let go of some of his internal baggage, pressures, and issues while also instilling a new sense of freedom, confidence, and strength in order to soar to new personal heights.

Dorian’s new original EP “33” and “33 (Deluxe Version)” were released on November 22, 2022. The EP “33” has three songs, while the “deluxe version” has seven, including the three songs from the original version and four A Cappellas. “Do Ya” is the first single from Dorian’s surprise dance EP “33,” which has already received over 50,000 streams across various streaming platforms. Dorian’s boisterous and lively record, “Do Ya,” is full of energy and wonder and is furiously upbeat and defiantly resilient in its joyful energy. The song is a powerful piece of electronic dance music that pulsates forward with purposeful energy in the beat and a beautifully sung falsetto that elevates the overall experience.

Blast Off,” the EP’s second track, is undeniably catchy. At first, the song has a slight R&B vibe, but it gradually transitions into a drill soundscape. And Dorian‘s voice is simply entrancing throughout the song. It’s a lot of fun to hear how much fun he appears to be having. The production of “Blast Off” is of the highest caliber. 

Notice Me,” the EP’s third track, may appear to be a typical pop song at first glance. But as you keep listening, you’ll notice Dorian’s intriguing production choices. The song has a soulful and dreamy vibe to it. The chorus is so catchy and upbeat that you can’t help but want to sing along.

Dorian’s most recent EP, “33 (Deluxe Edition),” is a great musical achievement. The songs are diverse, and Dorian displays his incredible talent throughout the EP, particularly in the A Cappella versions of the three tracks. This is a musician who is not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries of his music. Dorian hopes to show you different sides of himself through this initiative. Each song is distinct from the others while accurately reflecting his musical and personal state. I strongly advise you to listen to this EP.

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