“Frame Of Mine,” the sophomore album by See Level, showcases the impressive growth and artistry of the fan-turned-producer Andre Dennis. With twenty brand-new tracks, the album offers a diverse and immersive experience, featuring captivating Lo-Fi beats, evocative melodies, and jazzy elements that will resonate with listeners and serve as a powerful testament to See Level’s undeniable talent and unique musical style.

This year, Andre Dennis, a fan turned producer known as See Level, made a dazzling entrance into the music scene with his debut album, “Rice Butter & Sugar.” Lead singles like “Close The Bag” and “0 Additives” quickly garnered widespread attention from global listeners, revealing his special musical talent and undeniable appeal. See Level’s innate passion and digital sound led him to create his highly addictive follow-up album, “Frame Of Mine,” released on June 30, 2023, featuring twenty brand-new tracks that showcase his impressive growth and artistry in a short span of time. The album is filled with bulletproof songs that hit different notes for all the right reasons and is ready to serve the masses an experience they’ll never get enough of, through songs that are powerfully moving, evocative, spiritual, and remarkably immersive from the left to the right.

“Frame Of Mine” album’s Track list

· Frame of Mine

· Off Top Reflection

· Basic Needs

· Hold Ones Peace

· Centered

· Root of it All

· Mirrors

· Look deeper

· Numbers game

· The thrills of patients

· Web of Aura

· Roseless

· Decompress

· Out of town

· A paused Glance

· Beach on fire

· Shadow self

· Helping Hands

· What goes around

· I forgive you me 

The album opener and title track “Frame of Mine” sets a comfortable pace, slowing it down to create a mysterious aura with a delicate balance of minor scale notes. Dr. Kaleidoscope’s collaboration with See Level on “Off Top Reflections” produces instrumentals that steal the energy and transform it into something fresh and inspiring. The music is designed to be appealing yet subtle, providing the perfect backdrop for creative activities like art or writing and allowing the listener to experience the beat while enjoying these delicious instrumental platters without feeling tied to any particular track.

“Frame Of Mine” offers even more minimalistic states in tracks like “Hold Ones Peace” and “Mirrors.” These pieces invite listeners to immerse themselves in the music without overanalyzing it, as interesting layers seamlessly come together to create an entertaining experience. Alongside the meditative tracks, the jazzy ones like “Centered” hold a special allure, drawing listeners towards their captivating rhythms. See Level skillfully coexists rhythms with percussion, showcasing a mastery that truly embodies the essence of Lo-Fi.

For audiophiles, “Frame Of Mine” offers a delightful experience with small details like vinyl scratches subtly woven throughout the tracks. “Root of it All” takes a more withdrawn approach, featuring string-based melodies that create a captivating ambiance. On the other hand, “Look Deeper” presents a warmer and simpler composition, showcasing the dynamic beats. The effects in “Numbers Game” are particularly enjoyable, with suppressed beats resurfacing after a dip, adding an intriguing touch to the music.

The album also incorporates echoing soundscapes, as exemplified in “The Thrill of Patients,” teasing and captivating the listener. See Level’s impressive range is evident throughout the tracks, demonstrating a skillful blend of sounds that could seamlessly complement any circumstance. The music provides a sense of flow, enhancing any task or activity one engages in while immersed in these mesmerizing tunes.

The album takes listeners on a captivating journey through exquisite Lo-Fi beats, authentic anthems, and unique compositions that have the power to soothe and chill listeners. See Level’s focus on creating music he genuinely loves has resulted in a remarkable level of consistency and quality, presenting a fresh perspective and undeniable talent to the music scene.

“Frame Of Mine” is a must-listen for fans of Lo-Fi Electro, as it delivers the audible odyssey they’ve been eagerly anticipating, now available on major music platforms.

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