Fabian Körber, the mastermind behind Urban Walrus, is a Swiss/German poet and artist whose journey in the music industry is as compelling as the songs he writes. Set amid the vivid and varied sounds of Zurich, Switzerland, Körber was constantly surrounded by the city’s music scene. He had a strong interest in poetry and storytelling as a child, which eventually served as the basis for his musical career. A growing number of people searching for authenticity in an artificially produced pop world connected with his songs, which were frequently highly personal and introspective.

Körber’s unique ability to fuse gritty, garage-rock sounds with profound lyrical content quickly set him apart from his peers. In 2022, Körber formed Urban Walrus, channeling his artistic vision into a band that would embody his “Indie-Garbage-Rock-Poet” identity. The debut single “Pie in the Sky” immediately caught the attention of listeners and critics alike, showcasing Körber’s knack for crafting songs that are both raw and melodically rich. Over the next two years, Urban Walrus released eight tracks, each one building on the last, and amassed over a million streams on Spotify.

This success, while partly driven by strategic playlist placements, is a testament to Körber’s talent and the band’s growing fanbase. Urban Walrus’s journey reached new heights with a six-month world tour that took them to the pubs and shady bars of New York, Amsterdam, and Zurich. This tour not only honed their live performance skills but also solidified their reputation as a dynamic and must-see live act. Each show was a raw, unfiltered display of Körber’s artistic vision, leaving audiences eager for more.

The most recent song from Urban Walrus, “Not Today,” was released on July 4th, 2024, and it is a potent illustration of Fabian Körber’s creative development and vision. The sensation of deciding to face the day head-on despite the obstacles is wonderfully captured in the song, even when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. A song of defiance and perseverance, “Not Today” sums up the spirit of days when everything seems to be going wrong. The song has a raw vocal performance by Körber and a brilliant fusion of intense guitar riffs, lively drum beats, and a melancholic piano melody. It was produced by Jeannot Steck at Soundcheck Studio in Switzerland. The production reflects the duality of Körber’s musical style brilliantly, being both polished and raw at the same time.

I thought I wasn’t going to have fun today, but Urban Walrus told me something with his new song, and that is “Not Today”. This song’s instrumentation has such a catchy feel; it was thrilling, it was electrifying—a sinister hard rock masterpiece with an addictive and intoxicating aura. This song had me on edge; it touched my very core with its energetic and intense instrumentation. I was uncontrollably tapping my feet and swaying my body to the rhythm of this infectious instrumentation, to the point I was up on my feet, my hands in the air, singing the lines “not today” passionately. You might be wondering how this song made me feel this way.

Let me put it into words as best I can for you. Just imagine hitting play on a song, and the first thing you hear is an intense whirlwind of melodic bliss hitting you right in the face, because that’s exactly what I experienced. From the beginning, I was hit with an intensity created by the vibrant rhythm of the drum beat, heavy movements of the bass, electrifying sounds of the guitar, and melodic lacing of the piano, creating an intense surge of energy. The song was upbeat from the very beginning with a tempo to blend, a groove and energy that was unmatched—and this too was right from the very beginning. At the 0:10 timestamp, the song’s intense rhythm had a drawback, and the reason would amaze you.

This intensity drawback was done by the reduction in vitality of every single instrument while they still maintained their essence. The reason was because the intensity had to give way for the soft yet powerful voice of Urban Walrus’s lead singer. His voice had a crispiness to it; it was both mature and calming, had a rush of passion in it, and a powerful emotional feel behind it. He carried the lyrics with so much grace and precision. Now, this initial drawback in rhythmic intensity didn’t last for very long because at the 0:29 timestamp, the energy started to build up again and reached a heavy climax at the 0:39 timestamp. Yes, at this point, the instrumentation felt like it did at the opening, with so much power yet sweet melodic balance, intensity with essence, groove with a reason.

This new intense sonic revelation was heightened by the presence of melodically charming backup vocals, serving as callback response vocals for the lead singer. These backup vocals had a soft yet powerful presence; they were pleasing. It was more like I was hearing a very energetic falsetto movement from the vocals, and they brought an elegance to the song that heightened its ecstatic feel and appeal. During the progression of the song, the instrumentation took on different rudimentary flows, moving from softer forms to more intense forms. In fact, keeping up was pretty difficult. It gave this song an unpredictable flow, making each moment suspenseful, filled with the thrill of anticipation, not knowing what will happen next.

The interplay between the instruments was totally magnificent. The balance in instrumentation was phenomenal and perfect, and despite these movements, the song still maintained its core energetic, intoxicating, and catchy feel. The guitar riffs as the song progressed were another highlight for me. These riffs felt like they were alive; they added an exotic feel to the already exceptional soundscape. It was truly magnificent. The backup vocals came in and out at intervals when needed, especially at the choruses, and honestly, this was a stroke of genius. Every single time I heard them, I felt the thrill in my very bones, like they were elevating the song to a more celestial plane.


What really makes this song unique is its consistency. It still flawlessly balances its primary rhythm and energy despite its twists, motions, and rhythmic adjustments, flowing with accuracy and constancy. Really, Urban Walrus has created a timeless song! “Not Today” is a tune to lose yourself in; it’s not just a sound to listen to. It transports you from the heights of an exuberant storm to the depths of a profound calm via a voyage of sounds and feelings. With every listen, the music drew me in deeper and deeper, revealing new complexity and intricacies that I had missed the first time around.

Every beat, every note, and every vocal expression in this song demonstrates the skill with which it was written. Urban Walrus’s ability to produce something that has such a profound emotional resonance is a credit to their artistic talent. With its ups and downs and twists and turns, listening to “Not Today” was like riding a rollercoaster. Every segment of the song introduced a fresh feeling or mood. I could relate to the words since they were presented with such genuine feeling. Perfectly captured in the refrain “not today,” their message was one of tenacity and defiance in the face of adversity. By the song’s conclusion, I was finding myself humming this powerful mantra.

This song is a wonderful illustration of how music can serve as a medium for expression as well as a source of inspiration. “Not Today” by Urban Walrus is an exquisite example of musical composition and poignant narrative. This song begs to be experienced as much as it is heard. All the components come together to create a powerful and touching song, from the soulful vocals to the exciting accompaniment. I’ll listen to this song a lot, each time discovering something new and enjoyable. I’m excited to hear what Urban Walrus does next because they’ve really exceeded themselves with this song.

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