Grace & Moji’s single “Our Love” is a heartfelt tribute to their unbreakable love and the complexities of their relationship, showcasing their enticing vocals and soothing piano melodies. The accompanying music video offers an intimate look into their lives, using nostalgic VHS footage and dreamy landscapes to portray the journey from being apart to reuniting in a harmonious embrace, ultimately capturing the beauty, understanding, and comedy in their love story.

Grace & Moji, an artistic duo based in Los Angeles, have made their debut collaboration, delving into themes of love, creative expression, and healing within their relationship. Grace Hong, who originates from New York City and was raised in a fractured household by Korean immigrants, started her musical journey at a young age, studying classical piano and voice. After pursuing diverse career paths in international development, Wall Street, and corporate leadership, she decided to leave it all behind in search of happiness and purpose as an artist. In 2021, she introduced her solo project under the name Nolo Grace and released her first single, “Wake Up,” featuring the renowned artist Sean Kingston.

On the other hand, Martin Wave, also known as Moji, is an acclaimed and platinum-selling music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist who originates from the forests of Sweden. Driven by a passion for music production from an early age, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2018. Martin’s extensive portfolio boasts hundreds of millions of streams, collaborations with notable artists, and compositions for films, video games, and global brand campaigns. His expertise lies in creating emotive experiences through his blend of cinematic soundscapes, beats, and introspective lyrics that explore personal growth and a sense of belonging.

The eagerly awaited music video for “Our Love,” the lead song from the captivating husband-and-wife indie duo Grace & Moji’s upcoming album, has been released on July 19, 2023. The song is a tribute to their unbreakable love and how their complicated relationship has motivated them to collaborate on music. It explores the complexities of their relationship while also capturing the strength of their partnership and the deep connection they have. The depths of their love are explored in this sentimental and whimsical song, which ultimately leads to a place of beauty, harmony, understanding, and comedy.

“Our Love” begins with the tender embrace of soothing piano melodies, instantly drawing the listener into its warm and welcoming atmosphere. The delicate combination of notes creates an otherworldly ambience, setting the stage for an exciting musical voyage. Complementing the piano, a background humming voice emerges, wrapping the audience in a comforting embrace. This opening sets the tone for a captivating listening experience that only grows more enchanting as the song unfolds.

As the song progresses, Grace & Moji gracefully step into the spotlight with their enticing vocals, which seem to reach deep within the listener’s heart. Their harmonious voices blend seamlessly, adding an extra layer of magic to the composition. With every verse and chorus, their emotionally charged singing manages to evoke a whirlwind of emotions, leaving the audience spellbound.

“Our Love” masterfully maintains a calm and relaxing ambiance throughout its entirety. The skillful arrangement of instrumentation and the thoughtful production create a sonic journey that transports the listener to a world of blissful tranquility. The song is a testament to the duo’s ability to craft a captivating musical experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul.

Accompanying the ethereal sounds of “Our Love” is an equally mesmerizing music video that beautifully captures the essence of the song. The video is a visual treat, artfully portraying the emotions woven into every note of the composition. Grace & Moji’s chemistry shines through their on-screen presence, accentuating the powerful message of love conveyed through their music.

The video was co-directed by Sam Friedman (BonIver, Gal Pal, Chloe Lilac) and the artists Grace Hong and Martin Wave and was shot in the gorgeous Topanga, California, surroundings. Sam Friedman served as both a photographer and a director. First AC Alex LeombrunoPA Eilidh KennedyEditor Paul Cole, and Color by RKM Studios were all on the crew.

The music video offers an intimate look into the lives of Grace & Moji through the juxtaposition of nostalgic VHS footage and dreamy natural landscapes. It follows Moji and Grace as they travel from being apart to reuniting in a peaceful embrace through an ethereal universe. Raw VHS clips that show the range of their relationship, from happy outings to heartbreaking fights, are weaved into this story.

Overall, Grace & Moji’s entrancing song is wonderfully complemented by the superb artwork of their music video for “Our Love.” It is evidence of their tremendous talent and of the sincere bond they have both as a marriage and as musical partners.

I highly recommend you check out the music video right away!

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