“Volca” by Domax is an astounding instrumental EP that speaks to the listener through its innovative and futuristic sounds, inviting them on a sensory journey and showcasing Domax’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist.

Domax is a multi-instrumentalist located in London, United Kingdom. He has worked as a session musician with Sister Sledge, Incognito, Emeli Sandé, and Maverick Sabre. He adds a new melodic driven sound to the scene, influenced by Kraftwerk, Apex Twin, Squarepusher, Neu, The Yellow Magic Orchestra, and the Cocteau twins.

Domax’s excellent EP “Volca,” released on January 27th, 2023, features synthesizers in predominance and profusion in favor of futuristic and dancing layers, allowing for a sensory voyage of remarkable primacy. Despite claiming to be influenced by actual classics such as Kraftwerk, Apex Twin, Squarepusher, Neu, The Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Cocteau Twins, the music radiates personality throughout its pores, indicating a strong artistic identity in front of the expanded concept.

“Volca” tracklist: 

· Volca

· Das

· Run

· More Time

· Chief

The title track kicks off the work with a soundtrack archetype, offering the unborn child pictures that sprout continuously from a sequence of gradually integrated surprise sound elements. It is unavoidable that we will not be immediately captured by the science-fiction journey that has been planned; the ambient intentions are also primal in the face of the electronic spectrum!

Run” has a constant freneticity that intoxicates us through the energy culminated with various enticing minimalism aspects, as the title suggests. At the same time, it’s a gesture to the dancefloor, and there’s no doubt that it’ll become a cult object for various DJs who push remixes of the record. By the way, enough with the highlight tracks; “Volca” deserves to be submerged from the first seconds of the opening to the magnificent encore with “Chief,” since it is compelling!

This EP is proof that Domax is a talented instrumentalist. You should put in your earbuds and enjoy this masterpiece for the full 23 minutes that the EP lasts. We eagerly await his future delivery of more of this.

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