“I Wish That It Could Be Christmas” a pop classic by Tara Hack

Tara Hack is a Long Island-based singer-songwriter who grew up listening to Bing Crosby, Etta James, the Rat Pack, and the Glenn Miller Band while dancing around her living room to them. She is influenced by these artists as well as more recent artists like Coldplay, John Mayer, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton, and Michelle Branch.

Tara Hack recognized music’s power and symbolism at a young age. Inspirational songs and anthems have been associated with every great social movement throughout history. Tara witnessed older generations being transported back to their youth by listening to specific songs that encapsulated these Long Island childhood memories.

Christmas is the only holiday that brings people together like no other. It’s that time of year when everything is festive and fine. This single holiday has inspired many classics that have stood the test of time. Every year, new interpretations of these songs emerge, and Tara Hack provides one of those special records on her new song “I Wish It Could Be Christmas,” which was released on November 25, 2022.

“I Wish It Could Be Christmas” is the perfect blend of pop sensibilities and festive spirit, and it’s bound to become a new Christmas classic. It is the first of many Tara releases planned for 2023 and beyond, and was produced by Phil Pickett and Benny D, the award-winning creative force behind some of Boy George’s biggest hits, including Karma Chameleon.

“I Wish It Could Be Christmas” is an incredible record that will stand the test of time and become a holiday staple. It’s a record that shines brightly in every way, from the incredible production to the incredible vocal performances to the excellent writing that allows this standout talent and record to shine brightly.

Tara Hack captures modern life and love by observing people and their experiences, capturing everything, and putting it all into music. She tries to write with empathy, watching characters and imagining how they feel before incorporating it into her works. The unmistakably upbeat Christmas hit “I Wish It Could Be Christmas” alludes to the heyday of Pop music.

Visit Tara online at www.TaraHack.com and on social media at @TaraHackMusic to stay informed.

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