“Luna Shine On” is a new lively infectious track that addresses the major problems in society while inspiring listeners and keeping its vibe on 

DESH.DUBS is a researcher as well as an artist from the Netherlands. He rose to prominence as a rap artist at a young age, collaborating and working with artists such as the Black-Pact, the Rap Prophets, and Zambezi Symphony. They shook Zambia with legendary songs and performances that cut across national lines. In 2006, he enrolled in the Royal Academy of Arts’ ArtScience department in The Hague, the Royal Conservatory, and the Media Department of the University of Leiden, where he combined his musical and visual arts training. He continued his education with a master’s degree in African studies. He has continued to investigate academia and its role in society by exploring how African studies have interpreted various aspects of African heritage, such as performance, oral history, indigenous knowledge, and so on.

Gemma Chisukulu & Jo Elle
Gemma Chisukulu & Jo Elle

Luna Shine On,” a new infectious track by DESH.DUBS, was released in collaboration with Swiss artist Jo Elle. The song is composed of soothing guitars, hard drums, and a bassy crawl. He believes “Luna Shine On” will be the summer song due to Jo Elle’s powerful vocals. DESH.DUBS, who is known for being versatile and experimental, hopes that his new song will reach a broad audience because his message addresses a prevalent but under-discussed issue in today’s society.

Gemma Chisukulu & Jo Elle
Gemma Chisukulu & Jo Elle

Luna Shine On” was released on November 28, 2022. It starts with whistling and progresses to a chorus of creeping basslines, soft guitar riffs, and hard drum drops. It quickly introduces the now-famous toasts of the Zambian Dutch artist, but with a twist and the vocals of former snowboarding champion singer-songwriter Jo Elle. Jo Elle’s raspy tone complements DUBSTAR’s raspy tone and adds some interest to the song. Their voices blend to form a potent blend of melodies that will keep listeners hooked. He knew he had to make this song a single ever since Jo Elle recorded the hook vocals.

Luna Shine On” was produced by Tom of Big Bad Beat (Finland), recorded by Marcel of Mosound Production, and mastered by DESH.DUBS’ longtime Amsterdam collaborator Ivo Statinski. This song is much more than a catchy melody. The answer can be found in the source. DESH.DUBS, who has long battled suicidal thoughts and depression, felt compelled to address the elephant in the room and reassure anyone experiencing such thoughts that the sun will always shine. He wants these wonderful people to stand up and fight against these negative feelings while displaying their individuality, which is why he portrays the song positively.

Luna Shine On” continues DESH.DUBS‘ tradition of showcasing his versatility by emphasizing that his music is all about experiences, expression, and the inspiration he draws from his surroundings. He wants to be known for it, so experimenting with more creative sounds is the way to go.

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