MONEY FLOW (ORIGINAL EP) BY MoneyMakinSan is about traumatic experiences and relationships that result in PTSD.

MoneyMakinSan is a solo hip-hop and rap artist from the United States who debuted in March 2021. He is an independent rapper with a genuine gift for wild rhythm and poetry. NBA YOUNGBOY, LIL DURK, ROD WAVE, HOTBOI, and PESOFR are some of his influences. MoneyMakingSan has released a series of singles, beginning with his first single, “No handouts,” in 2021, along with his debut EP, “MoneyLand.”

On November 17th, 2022MoneyMakinSan released an EP titled “Money Flow.” This is a fantastic six-song EP that will only take you 12 minutes to listen to. KCMAKESMUSIC recorded this song at Brightside Studios.

Money Flow” Tracklist:

· Hottest

· Sworn In


· Baby Shark

· Hit After Hit

· On Me

Money Flow” is an EP about PTSD brought on by traumatic experiences and relationships. It demonstrates that there is strength in weakness, and that is fine. Real-life events and MoneyMakinSan’s love of music inspired the EP. His style is an unconventional blend of melodies and rap. Listeners can visualize his experiences, feel his emotions, and imagine themselves in his shoes.

MoneyMakinSan is an original wordsmith by every conceivable definition, flexing hybrid versatility that proves he’s fully capable of dominating the mic from Rap to Trap to Hip-Hop. He’s armed with slick lyricism and a superior flow that reveal the serious finesse and X-factor of a superstar. He’s making a name for himself with bulletproof bars that hit harder than the competition.

Go listen to and enjoy this fantastic EP now.

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