Foolish Blue the fourth single from Eydi’s 2023 anticipated album

“Songs with Eva” (Foolish Blue)

A musician and composer from the Faroe Islands named Eydi Horsdal is drawn to songs that are straightforward. Eydi was raised on the Faroe Islands, where he was surrounded by a musical family and culture. Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Teitur, and other musicians served as models for Eydi while she studied music.

Eydi’s upcoming debut album, “Songs with Eva,” reveals relatable and charmingly melodic songs with a timelessness that is present yet fleetingly momentary at the same time, with a unique melodic voice and a deep appreciation for the art of songwriting.

“Foolish Blue,” which was published on Thursday, November 10th, is the fourth single from Eydi Horsdal’s highly anticipated first album, “Songs with Eva,” which is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2023. Eydi adds, “Those foolish blue eyes flashed through the mirrors of the tube windows and through you for a brief period in front of the departing train.”

A heavy bass, an enticing melody, and a sparkling wine glass are all present in the melancholy and gloomy light ballad “Foolish Blue.” It comes after the previous hits “It Seems To Be You Again,” “Old Friends,” and “Overs,” all of which are building up to Eydi Horsdal’s much anticipated first album, “Songs with Eva” (March 2023). Singer-songwriter Eydi Horsdal (FO), whose album “Songs with Eva” was written in conjunction with gifted young author Eva Perrin Fontana (UK), gives us a sense of intimacy and hope while teasing future releases.

“Songs with Eva” The poetry of gifted young writer Eva Perrin Fontana, included on Eydi Horsdal’s debut album, which pulls us into a wonderfully cozy world with a surprising depth, making the 16-track album worthwhile of repeated listening. “Songs with Eva” is a well-organized collection of tunes that are immediate and intuitive, with a human and hand-played flavor. The recordings are immersive and compelling, capturing real-life situations in a room, in the countryside, or with the windows open, adding drama to the simple songs.

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