Harlow’s Monkeys announces their anticipated debut for 2023

“You don’t have to change if you don’t want to” by Harlow’s Monkey

Tommy P., a songwriter, and producer from the Bay Area, is the band leader of Harlow’s Monkeys. This band has a dynamic sound that can switch between tender, personal truths and powerful rhythms. Although Tommy’s lyrics are simple, they are capable of addressing the core of any issue with full emotion, whether it is unrequited love or the existential melancholy that permeates us all. Tommy P. on guitar and vocals, Amanda Salguero on bass and vocals, Lucas Sobel on drums, and Zeke Ketcham on guitar make up Harlow Monkeys. Their involvement in the San Francisco music scene brought them together. The band draws heavily from Wilco, Bright Eyes, Porcupine Tree, Big Thief, The Tallest Man on Earth, and Joni Mitchell.

Harlow's Monkeys, photo credit to Cera Debiel
Harlow’s Monkeys, photo credit to Cera Debiel

Self-produced and co-recorded with friends, the track “You Don’t Have To Change If You Don’t Want To” is an upbeat rock song about conquering fear and progressing. This song is about fighting against inertia since there are many influences in our lives that are intended to keep us comfortable even when they are not in our best interests. said the group

By letting people know that they are totally responsible for changing their situations, this lighthearted song attempts to motivate change by reminding people that they are not required to change their ways if they choose not to. The day after New Year’s, when resolutions are still new, on January 2, 2023, this new single will be made available on all major platforms.

From the upcoming album “When The World For Humans Ends,” the first track, “You Don’t Have To Change If You Don’t Want To,” “was inspired by the idea of surviving 2020 and the pandemic,” the band claims, It made us reflect on how brief our time on this planet is and how, if we don’t make an effort to alter the way we interact with the environment, use its resources, and treat one another, perhaps extinction is the best attempt.

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