A new single titled “True Love”

Basel-based producer Audio Dope started out making retro beats that were influenced by late-90s US hip-hop before falling in love with the instrumental music scene and swiftly developing his own sound by fusing natural samples and vocal fragments with crisp synthesizers and tight percussion.

He emulates musicians like Kaytranada, Maribou State, James Blake, and Odesza in his tracks by fusing hip-hop, downtempo, and trip-hop. He has played to packed houses at events including Montreux Jazz, Zürich Openair, and Openair Frauenfeld. His self-titled debut album “Audio Dope” was published on Majestic Casual and Radicalism Music in February 2018. His EP “Preserved” was then released in December 2018. 

Audio Dope – True Love photo credit Samuel Morris
Audio Dope – True Love photo credit Samuel Morris

In April 2020, the follow-up album, “Superlunary,” was made available. With eleven albums so far, Audio Dope has won awards for “Best Electronic Demo” at M4Music in 2016 and the Basler Poppreis in 2018. Over 50 million people have listened to his songs online. He has 1.5 million Soundcloud streams, 2.4 million YouTube views, 17.6 million Apple Music streams, and 29.8 million Spotify streams.

Kappa Mountain, a collaboration between Audio Dope and Matthias Gusset, was introduced in 2019. They have so far released two EPs (“Echo Pool I” and “Echo Pool II”).

On December 2nd, Swiss producer and performer Audio Dope will drop his brand-new song, “True Love.” “True Love” has a dreamy beat and airy synthetic flutes and organs that help it move slowly and melancholic. The song “True Love” is from Audio Dope’s next album, “Gone,” which will be made available through Radicalis Music in March 2023.

For his latest album, Audio Dope worked with a diverse group of musicians from around the world, including Noah Slee (NZL), Birdmask (US/CH), Rome Fortune (US), Emilia Anastazja (CH), and Manuel Gagneux (Zeal & Ardor). The premiere of Audio Dope’s own voice is also featured on the new album. “I try to address a challenging subject with “True Love,” according to Audio Dope. It has to do with people’s dynamic and fluid relationships and the sensation of uncertainty. The song talks about hope and trust as well as about fear and loss. I ask, “What is genuine love?” without giving a response. Together with the filmmaker Samuel Morris, we tried to portray such a dynamic partnership.

Director Samuel Morris described the plot of “True Love” as “exploring a mesmerizing visualization of a couple of lovers who constantly join in a new way, in a seemingly boundless area.” Throughout their intimate dance, an invisible veil is present. I find it difficult to express how I feel about love since it evolves daily and takes time and space to fully manifest. Love has the power to take you somewhere else and nearly mesmerize you. Every person has a different, personal method of experiencing love. This is the rationale behind this visually appealing graphic, according to Audio Dope.

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