Mick J Clark’S Festive Serenade In “It’s Getting Near Christmas” – A Musical Extravaganza of Joy

In the dynamic tapestry of musical brilliance, Mick J. Clark emerges as a luminary hailing from the vibrant locale of Croydon, United Kingdom. Armed with a mastery of the guitar, drums, and keyboard, Mick’s journey in the music realm began with live performances during the summer season, gradually evolving into a trajectory defined by radio interviews and promotions for his extensive catalog of 63 songs. Mick’s artistry transcends genres and eras, reflecting a profound appreciation for great music that resonates across time.

As I delve into Mick’s musical odyssey, envision the streets of Croydon as the backdrop to his early ventures, where the summer stages bore witness to the birth of a seasoned artist. The transition from live gigs to the nuanced world of radio interviews signifies Mick’s evolution, solidifying his place as a versatile force in the musical landscape. With every strum of the guitar and beat of the drums, Mick J. Clark paints a rich narrative, weaving together the threads of his eclectic influences into a tapestry that extends far beyond the boundaries of his UK origins, reaching listeners across the globe.


In the heart of Mick J. Clark’s musical repertoire lies a hidden gem – a festive melody titled “It’s Getting Near Christmas,” unveiled to the world on November 19th, 2014. This musical piece serves as a delightful invitation to embrace the spirit of the season, weaving Mick’s melodic magic into the very fabric of holiday joy.

“Ho, ho, ho.”As the familiar notes of “It’s getting near Christmas” resonate, Mick J. Clark’s festive single instantly transports me to a world where the holiday spirit reigns supreme. The joy is contagious, sweeping over me from the opening seconds to the very last nanosecond, prompting an impromptu dance in celebration of the impending Christmas cheer. The song kicks off with an exuberant tempo, accompanied by the delightful jingling of Christmas bells and a rhythmic drumming that adds an extra layer of seasonal flavor. I couldn’t resist the infectious merriment; sitting still was out of the question.

Mick J. Clark’s voice, infused with melody and warmth, enters the scene, capturing the very essence of the season. With a bright, rich, and soulful tone, he carried me the listener on a harmonious journey through the holiday hustle. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the approaching festivities – “It’s getting near Christmas, decorations, wrapping presents, no more time to spare, everybody hurrying and rushing everywhere.” From this point onward, the festive masterpiece unfolds, maintaining its captivating tempo with an enchanting rhythm and melody. Each passing second enhances the sweetness of the song, akin to the aging process of fine wine.

The central theme of “It’s Getting Near Christmas” is beautifully encapsulated in its title – a constant reminder that the most magical time of the year is on the horizon. Mick J. Clark’s purpose is clear – to instill a timeless sense of remembrance as the world inches closer to the festive season. The lyrics, such as “Carols singing, bells are ringing, now it’s almost here, the most magical, wonderful time of the year,” serve as an anthem for the approaching celebrations. It’s a call to embrace the festivities with open arms and savor the magic of Christmas – an invitation to not forget that “It’s getting near Christmas,” resonating with the iconic “ho, ho, ho.”

The distinctive element of this musical masterpiece lies in its simplicity. The instrumentation, with Christmas bells, drumming, guitars, and pianos, is meticulously crafted, elevating the composition without losing its timeless charm. Mick J. Clark has etched his name in the musical stones by creating a simple yet profound masterpiece. As the song concludes with a festive “Merry Christmas, ho, ho, ho,” the message is clear – it’s a season to revel In the joy of simplicity and timeless melodies.

In the delightful journey that is Mick J. Clark’s “It’s Getting Near Christmas,” I’ve been immersed in a symphony of festive joy that transcends time and one can’t help but sense the infusion of the Christmas spirit. Mick J. Clark hasn’t merely crafted a song; he’s skillfully woven a tapestry of joy, warmth, and festive cheer destined to endure the passage of time.

So, as the holiday season approaches, let Mick J. Clark be your musical guide. Embrace the spirit of Christmas with “It’s Getting Near Christmas,” and let the infectious joy of Mick’s creation become the soundtrack to your festive celebrations. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a “ho, ho, ho”!

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