“Greater Things” is Harry Broun’s debut album, which features seven songs that address self-doubt, loss, friendship, relationships, and optimism, showing the significance of confidence, faith, and following one’s goals.

Harry Broun, an Australian-based solo musician, met his producer, Oli Scott, in high school, where they sang in the choir together. James BlakePorches100 Gecs, and The Weeknd are his biggest influences, but he still manages to create a unique and distinctive sound all his own. 

“Greater Things” is Harry Broun’s debut album as an independent Perth pop musician. The album deviates from Perth’s usual indie rock by featuring only seven tracks of diverse genres. The album is barely 24 minutes long and covers topics such as self-doubt, friendship, loss, relationships, and how to pronounce “Broun” correctly on the radio. There is certainly something for everyone on here, and failing to give it a try would be a disservice to yourself.

“Greater Things” tracklist:

· Dreams 

·Harry Brown 

· 18

· Let’s Go

· Waiting 

· Friends 

· Tell Me

“Greater Things,” released on February 2nd, 2023, is a genre-bending trip that demonstrates Harry Broun’s tremendous musical diversity, Starting with the energetic pop-infused drum and bass of the opening track “Dreams,” a pop song with elements of DnB, the song’s subject matter is Harry Broun’s personal self-doubts and uncertainties, as well as the confidence he has built on them. The track then transitions into “Harry Brown,” a less serious single featuring FKA Franky and a humorous attack at Triple J unearthed boss Tommy Faith for mispronouncing Harry Broun’s name on the radio; he has since apologized for his actions.

Julianne Dutton
Julianne Dutton

With the stripped-back acoustic ballad “18,” Harry Broun demonstrates his versatility, It is the album’s definitive low point. On this song, Harry Broun stripped down to his vocals and guitar; there aren’t any bells and whistles. Also, the lyrics told the plot while the choir-like vocal stacking conveyed emotion.

Standout tracks on the album include “Let Go,” a dance-pop masterpiece with heartbreaking lyrics that will have you dancing through the tears. “Friends” is a positive song about the value of friendship and trust, while “Tell Me” is an upbeat, EDM-infused ballad about hope. The album was recorded solely by Harry Broun and Oli Scott in his home studio, with a feature and writing credit from FKA Franky on two songs.

Julianne Dutton
Julianne Dutton

Harry Broun’s vocals shine throughout the album, and his collaborations with FKA Franky and other featured artists give dimension to an already remarkable set of songs. The production is excellent, and it’s evident that Broun took his music seriously with this album.

“Greater Things” is an edgy and catchy record that will leave you wanting more. Harry Broun simply wanted to create something he was proud of and take his music’s quality more seriously. He genuinely enjoys composing music and hopes that others will enjoy listening to it. And I am convinced that “Greater Things” will be well received by listeners.

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