Leonardo Barilaro releases his Latest Electronic single

“365 Days of Entropy” by Leonardo Barilaro is a song that showcases the concept of entropy as a measure of disorder and chaos and how it impacts daily life through avant-garde and futuristic space piano music that evokes nostalgia and deep reflection.

Leonardo Barilaro, a space pianist from Malta who also excels as an aerospace engineer, recently performed his “space music” song “Maleth” inside the International Space Station. Leonardo Barilaro is the first artist in the world to release 365 singles on Spotify and all major digital platforms every day in 2022, as well as 365 music video clips on YouTube. To seal the completion of his massive project “Space Piano Music Everyday,” Leonardo Barilaro released the concluding single of the cycle, “365 Days of Entropy,” which comes four months after his space music creation “Maleth” was broadcast to Earth from the International Space Station and he also released the dreamlike EP “Genesis” in the previous year.

Leonardo Barilaro‘s “365 Days of Entropy,” which he refers to as “a painting,” employs note clusters as brush strokes to depict art and life embellished by chaos, and this process is OK since we abide by the law of nature. This is an avant-garde and futuristic approach to the song. You simply must hear it for yourself! It’s highly varied and, to be honest, sounds absolutely nothing like anything I’ve heard before. It’s edgy, trippy, unique, and just fantastic. The previously available 364 piano tracks are sampled, midi-controlled, and filtered along the way, which sustains the progression of the melody that was originally at the heart of “Maleth.” Multi-tracks of piano are interwoven with electronic noises and drums. Nothing is produced or destroyed, only modified; this change has a cost, which is an increase in entropy.

Entropy is a measure of disorder that impacts many parts of our daily lives. We can consider it nature’s tax. Energy dissipates, and systems disintegrate into chaos. We consider something to be more entropic if it is more chaotic. The space piano music style evokes nostalgia and deep reflection.

Leonardo lives by the motto “Nullo Die Sine Nota“—not a day without a note. “Music must be kept alive on a daily basis,” he explains. In a life-long, never-ending process, there are no shortcuts in art, and Leonardo Barilaro is now working day after day to reach the Low Earth Orbit and stream a performance from there, as well as a general rehearsal before the concert, from the Moon and, subsequently, from Mars. “365 Days of Entropy” artwork is based on a portrait of the space pianist by photographer Dean Bartolo, and the mosaic was AI-produced using all 365 singles’ covers.

Leonardo Barilaro‘s soundtrack “365 Days of Entropy” was released on December 31, 2022, the symbolic date that most humanity decided to identify one revolution of Earth around the Sun. It transports the listener to the farthest reaches of the universe, and his devotion to the universe can be heard in every note of this beautiful homage to the stars. This piano composition has an airy, dreamlike character that will leave you wanting more.

If “365 Days of Entropy” is as appealing to you as it is to me, then sit back and relax because Leonardo Barilaro’s body of work will take some time to digest. So if you prefer music with a psychedelic or extraterrestrial feel, check out “365 Days of Entropy” by Leonardo Barilaro. The renowned composer and producer’s enthusiasm for the universe shines through in this song, which is a fine example of his musical ability. This tune nicely captures Leonardo Barilaro‘s ambition to be the first person to play the piano on Mars, transporting you to other realms and giving you the sensation of floating in space.

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