Arxion releases his Astonishing pop commercial album

Arxion’s album “Essence” is a musical love letter that explores the bonds of emotion, sympathy, compassion, and love through a blend of pop, 80s rock, and synthwave with innovative and engaging arrangements, tonal vocals, and hypnotic beats.

Arxion, a Slovenian singer, songwriter, producer, and artist, creates audio masterpieces that inspire a global community of Twin Ray soul mates. All of his music and related content is written, created, and performed by him. His main effect is almost non-existent; his specialty is a “beyond-positive and beyond-ideal” love relationship between a woman and a man. It is truly real for him, and he expresses it fully in his music.

It’s fascinating to hear phrases and melodies that you’ve never heard before, regardless of genre or theme. For any music enthusiast, the joy of discovery is increased by the quality of the work on offer, how engaging it is, and how innovative it is. Arxion is one such artist, and his album, “Essence,” pushed my eardrums while tugging at my heartstrings with each track. He investigates the irreversible bonds of emotion, sympathy, compassion, and love that unite two souls together.

The twelve-song album was composed instinctively, with avant garde arrangements and a duality of contemporary and vintage sonics. It’s a love letter and a declaration of devotion to life itself. It exhales abundantly and brightens your day. A blend of pop, 80s rock, and synthwave sets the tone, while the percussion and vocal tones push it over the edge. “Essence,” hypnotic and beat-heavy, is everything it set out to be and more. The album was released on January 25th, 2020, by Tunecore and was produced through home recording.

The album’s sounds blend together; they experiment with pop, soften out into romantic melodies, and then liven up the emotional oozing, bringing us full circle into a melancholy ballad. As a result of this voyage, each song speaks to the next, plays its tune, and writes its message in the sand, only for the next song to come along and rewrite the world.

“Essence” tracklist:

• Candyman 

• Run For Love

• Just So You Know 

• Shut Down 

• Only One True One 

• Watching Watching 

• Words Keep Running Sounds Keep Falling 

• Tell Me Show Me 

• And Now 

• Ring a Dong 

• Overboard 

• Lady Delight 

“Candyman” kicks off the album on a high note with It’s bright, honest, and full of vintage 80s pop flair that has an uplifting note, with a foot-tapping rhythm, angled vocals, shadows of electronic harmonies, and powerful synths, the music immediately jumps out as an outlier, a genius in the making. The synth plays the melody, and the bass follows suit; it jives to the left and right, but the course is established, and it stays true. Toms, snares, and cymbals all crash and crush the vocals into view. They are clear, tonal, and placed in a strong, complex melody that runs the length of the album.

Run for Love” the next after “Candyman” has a retro-vintage vibe, an exuberant exhibition of disco synths, and an unavoidable beat rhythm that symbolizes the irrevocable experience of falling in love. Then there’s “Just so You Know” which takes it a step further by stating that the song is now for someone, relaying that feeling and pushing that passion out into the world. Its thumping rhythm impressions have ionic metallic shapes, and when the smoky synths diffuse into the soundscape, wisps of trumpet melodies highlight and appeal.

The vibe for “Shut Down” is different; it’s mellow, melancholy, and passive. Its great energy penetrates the seams. It has a swinging rhythm and is a memorable and upbeat song. These shifts continue throughout the record, keeping the songs intriguing. It’s as if we’re listening to a radio drama about love and sacrifice and letting go of what you love. “Only One True One” is a time capsule in its entirety, the interludes of intense throwback beats, lines of laser synths, and overarching disco rhythm make for a joyful exposé. The next song, “Watching Watching,” is catchy and addictive, with superb rock textures that carries the listener through frames of rippling synths and boxy beats, with wires of basslines burning through the domino vocals.

I’ve merely scraped the surface of the sound contained within Arxion’s “Essence” which is a long and varied album that took me off guard from the moment I clicked play. However, some tracks stand out as individual successes that shine through soundscape: “Words Keep Running Sounds Keep Falling” is a display of a medley melody, it layers upon itself and wraps rhythm around your mind that has a free falling rhythm. The bright synths and hailing beats that are raining down on us are excellent for dancing to. while “Tell Me Show Me” the next song has a shimmering soul/R&B vibe, the lit soundscape gleams a stunning silver as it glimmers through the vocals, languid beats, and breezing harmonies.

With zigzagging synths, sizzling basslines, and basic vocals, “And Now” is pleasant, has a solid pace, and a melody that stays with you for hours. Its unusual arrangement complements the artist’s style, as demonstrated in earlier tracks. “Ring a Dong” ushers us into the final section of the record, The music is a thrilling canvas, with its silky textures and gleaming transitions.

Finally, “Overboard” appears with the collapsing beats and retro synths tare reminiscent of emo disco from the 1980s. Then “Lady Delight” ends the album with serenading grace, adoring lyricism, feel-good synths, and a dilated pace. The emotional and blissful ambiance is overwhelmed by the thundering basslines and drums.

Overall, “Essence” is a more daring and innovative album than it gives itself credit for; it’s catchy, bright, and bitter-sweet. So do yourself a favor and add this to your playlist!

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