Inspired by William S. Burroughs’ cut-up technique, Kahnin’s “Go Kart” is about celebrating life’s small joys and keeping a youthful outlook on life. It’s a cheerful indie rock tune with a refreshing soundscape of guitar riffs, fuzzy electric guitar solos, and brilliant synthesizers that will win over many hearts.

Kahnin is a well-known Icelandic artist from Keflavik. His music is diverse and crosses numerous genres. On February 11th, 2023, he released his nineteenth single, “Go Kart,” which is now available on all streaming platforms. As you listen to Kahnin’s “Go Kart,” you get a surge of nostalgia coursing through your blood. There’s something very soothing but motivating about this Nordic-based soft rock that instantly warms your entire body, like a warm hug.

“Go Kart” is inspired by the famous cut-up method utilized by William S. Burroughs. What’s most amazing, however, is that the song’s lyrics highlight life’s tiny pleasures and the significance of keeping a youthful perspective on life. It’s a message that feels very timely and relevant in this moment. The cut-up technique is always a fascinating way to write in fresh ideas that would otherwise not present themselves logically. The concept arose from the artist’s wish to write about a life full of celebration, no matter how difficult it can become on a regular basis, and the song was born from the gorgeous entrance lick at the beginning and quickly grew into “Go Kart.”

Leo Abrahams plays the electric guitar (Miley Cyrus, Talking Heads, A Star Is Born, Imogen Heap, Harry Styles). His guitar is responsible for all of the song’s distinct tones (no synthesizers). Jimmy Deer (an amazing producer and instrumentalist) and Kahnin produced the tune. Jimmy also performed guitar, bass, and rhythms on the tune, as well as mixing and mastering it.

This is a joyful indie rock song that shines out; the song’s soundtrack is refreshing with its guitar riffs, fuzzy electric guitar leads, and bright synths. Kahnin’s “Go Kart” is an excellent track that is destined to become a fan favorite. Kahnin has a very unique voice that is sure to attract listeners, and he has created something truly exceptional with his latest single. Lovers of both indie rock and pop music will enjoy this song and its accompanying music video, and it is guaranteed to capture the hearts of many.


Listening carefully to a song that appreciates the simple moments of life, keeps a youthful perspective on things, and offers sentiments of tranquil acceptance mixed with sparkling optimism is worth adding to your playlist. It has that alt-pop blend that captures the concept of being comfortable with where you are while still hoping for better days ahead.

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