Clare Easdown release her brand new debut single – Injected


Clare Easdown and Simon Pipe met on Instagram, and their main influences are dark wave, mental health advocacy, trip-hop, and trap. It’s interesting how Simon and Clare collaborated; working from such a distance really makes you work harder, especially when it comes to fitting in with each other’s time zones. Clare was inspired to write this song by how people frequently fall through the cracks and feel trapped

Clare Easdown’s creative year has been incredible, with the releases of the powerful and atmospheric “Your Eyes Are Ice” and the vulnerable and immersive “I’ll Wait,” so when I heard that she had just released the brand new single, “Injected,” on November 18, 2022, I was overjoyed. I couldn’t wait to listen to it! Clare Easdown opens Injected with an emotive melody, singing, “I lay here, infected, injected, rejected…” with an ethereal guitar and textured percussion.

Photo Credit@ Clare Easdown, Simon Pipe
Photo Credit@ Clare Easdown, Simon Pipe

Injected features a cinematic film noir visual, showcasing Simon Pipe’s intricate guitar performance, which is seamlessly fused with our protagonist’s hypnotic performance. It is for people who have felt helpless, powerless, and desperate for a way out. It is a commentary on those who live or have lived through the mental health system, receiving a plethora of treatments that need to be revamped and modernized. It’s a cry for help, but it also clearly expresses the frustration of being restrained and injected.

Clare Easdown leaves the message of the song open to interpretation by stating that her personal experiences led up to the recording, but she wishes to remain relatively private about them and let the audience ride the subjective wave of what they believe the song is about.

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