Bones in Butter presents their new debut single- Down But Not Out

Down But Not Out 

Bones in Butter are a Serbian band led by Milutin Krasevic and a rotating cast of players from the Belgrade indie music scene. Milutin pours himself into his art in a way that few can, so when you absorb his music, you know it has been polished to a fine degree, but the music also comes fitted with a message that takes the experience to a whole new level. Bones in Butter has been active since 2019, but this lineup was put together right at the beginning of the lockdown. They are all from Belgrade and came together to form this band. 

Though there are many influential bands and artists from the 1980s and 1970s, including Lou Reed, the Stranglers, Wire, Magazine, the Electric Light Orchestra, Wall of Voodoo, Tuxedomoon, Joy Division, and Howe Gelb, However, the band does not consider itself a “retro” or “revival band,” but rather aims to create a clearly different and contemporary sound.

They haven’t had a real chance to perform on stage because of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed. This will hopefully change as they are all very eager to perform their music on stage. Apart from the songwriter, Milutin Krasevic, who used to work in linguistics, all of the other musicians are highly accomplished musicians with extensive touring and experience. On November 18, 2022, Bones in Butter released their latest single, “Down But Not Out.” It was recorded at Belgrade’s Hill River Studios. Srdjan Popov was in charge of the song’s mix, mastering, and production.

“Down But Not Out” is a story about ordinary people living, suffering, and surviving in a hostile environment dominated by a malevolent, corrupt, and immoral elite. The Serbian rock band’s sound is much more pop-influenced on “Down But Not Out.” It has that kind of surging feeling that almost carries you to newer heights purely off of its elevating energy, loaded with a more focused precision towards synth work and the dominant 80s revival sound. The guitar work, especially the constant riff, and the background synths provide a very different type of arrangement than I’ve come to expect. The vocals work well on this track, being hushed and almost serving as a piece to accentuate the overall instrumental arrangement. Krasevic’s voice sounded a lot like Andy McCluskey from Orchestral Manoeuvres: “In The Dark.”

“Down but Not Out” is all about feeling a lot better when you’re at your lowest. It gives you a second wind, a random burst of energy to keep you going despite the obstacles in your path. “Down But Not Out” is also sure to please fans of 80s euro-pop, Depeche Mode, or OMD. Add this to your playlist right now.

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