“Calm & Zen” 

Jamie C, a rapper and songwriter, and Justin X, a producer and DJ, met in their late teens at Exeter College in Devon, UK. They split up in their early twenties after discovering their own talents in writing, performing, and producing, and they decided to reunite in late 2021, rekindling their old friendship while doing what they always did best together, which is making new and experimental music. The band’s main influences are strong friendship, love, and a strong desire to make music, produce music, and write songs. However, there is also a strong connection to life, spiritual guidance, and the people/family around them.

Their debut release, “Slow It Down,” received support from Kiss FM and many local radio stations in the UK. Justin X produced “Slow It Down,” which was recorded in their Exeter studio. This music was created collaboratively by Jamie C. and Justin X.

“Calm and Zen,” the new single out on November 11,2022, keeps the same gentle conscious rap but with more energy and dance appeal. Calm and Zen is about the journey from heartbreak to forgiveness. Finally being able to express your true feelings for your ex. Independently published. A full public relations campaign is planned, including club/radio/social ads and remix treatment. The single was first heard on Kiss FM (UK). The concept behind the song was as follows: Life can be crazy at times for all of us, but it’s important to slow down and take a breath. Take a moment to think about it. It’s sometimes worth reminding yourself of the things you’ve accomplished despite the obstacles and challenges you’ve faced. You’re doing well, and you’ve got this. Continue to pursue your dreams because it is far from over.

Jamie C. and Justine X. both enjoyed making music together. They had a great time getting re-aquatinted in the studio as old friends reunited. They would cook meals for each other to ensure they had enough energy for the sessions, and sure enough, they muscled up some good food. I don’t think either of them will ever forget that time in their lives. Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways, and I believe they crossed paths again at the right time, and the rest is history.

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