“Be Brave” BY Bri Schillings leader of the band ‘Sweet Imperfections

Bri Schillings, a singer, and songwriter is the leader of ‘Sweet Imperfections‘, a group with the best musicians and writers in Southern California. Bri Schillings felt a connection and energy between nature and sound from an early age, which drew her to music. She remembers feeling that awe and magic, as if she had unlocked a secret door to a magical world where she felt safe, understood, beautiful, inspired, and where she learned what love was, as she followed this magnetic pull and found herself picking out melodies she had heard on different instruments. Her bond grew stronger as she investigated every instrument she could find, and discovered that each had its own voice and would produce a song of its own. She enjoys relaxing while listening to music and says, “Let’s go on an adventure,” allowing her voice, hands, and heart to flow.

Bri Schillings is as quirky as she is fun and as lighthearted as she is spiritually and deeply connected. Bri has a profoundly strong connection to music and feels that it has the capacity to heal through what she refers to as ‘soul vitamins.’ When she started singing and writing her own songs, she found freedom. Music not only served as an outlet for the hardest times in her life, but it also became her best friend. When she had no one else to turn to, music held her, inspired her, healed her, and taught her how to love herself. Her songs are original compositions that she sings, plays, and writes. She wants music to be the channel for heart vibrations that heal her and hopefully other people because they are not just of her but through her as well.

Xavier Bailey
Xavier Bailey

On November 25th, 2022, Bri Schillings and her brand-new band, ‘Sweet Imperfections,’ released their new single, “Be Brave.” This is the second song from Bri Schillings‘ previously revealed two-year project, which will see her drop a brand-new single each month.

The meditative cleanse that “Be Brave” aims to achieve is further enhanced by the song’s soft, indie-pop sound. Together with the calming influence of Bri Schillings‘ vocals, it begs you to temporarily put your baggage aside. A calming listen, “Be Brave” strongly urges but doesn’t impose.

Be Brave“, is a wistful and whimsical melodic combination of drums, guitar, and Schillings’ dulcet vocals which sends you floating on a sonic cloud. Bri Schillings‘s love of letting the music flow and lead us through the hazy ambiance is elegantly expressed in the track. Surprisingly, while the song has a gentle flow, it appears to have complexity in its overall arrangement. With its minimal aesthetic and Bri Schilling‘s immensely evocative performance just caressing you and making you feel like things will eventually be alright and return to normal, the song builds with such a powerful feeling, a stirring and emotional journey that inspires and propels you to new heights.

Be Brave” arrives at an appropriate time of year when mental health issues can be exacerbated. Everyone does not have a happy holiday season. It’s a song that reminds you to keep your head held high even when you’re down. “Be Brave” offers a reassuring message of hope to those who find it difficult to embrace the holiday cheer.

Overall, “Be Brave” is about believing that tomorrow is another day by putting today’s problems behind you. It wants you to find the courage to live your life the way you want despite the opposition. Through this track’s rich optimism, Bri Schillings and Sweet Imperfections lead the way forward to living your best life.

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