“Rewind” is a new indie pop sound by Michael Peloso featuring Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell

Popular independent songwriter Michael Peloso has written Singles with recording artists such as Natalie JeanChristina GaudetKathy Sanborn, and Dennis Sy. In 2019, the singles “Checking Out” and “Where Do You Go?” were made available. His debut solo album, “Life’s Little Accidents,” was made available on September 7, 2021. The album highlights his compelling songwriting and powerful production abilities, which are in the style of Quincy Jones‘ epic scale arranging. Many people find Michael’s exploration of a range of life’s difficulties to be relatable and moving. Michael has earned the right to communicate his thoughts and experiences in a way that most people do not understand because he has survived stage 4 cancer and epilepsy.

One of Michael‘s most important songwriting ‘tricks’ is to draw on his life experiences. Life inspires him, and being a good listener aids him greatly in songwriting. Relationships, world events, and simply existing inspire him. Michael is five years cancer free after undergoing emergency surgery and completing chemo after being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer after a tumor ruptured and entered his liver. He wrote “Shed My Skin” about his battle with cancer and getting a fresh start in life. Cancer completely altered his writing style. He understands how difficult illness is on both the patient and the people who love you. He writes because he enjoys it and respects it and has done so since he was a young boy with a turntable. It thrills him when someone tells him that something he’s written has inspired or touched them in some way. It’s not about winning awards or making people aware of who he is; it’s about moving as many people as possible with his songs.

Michael is excited to reveal the title of the first single from some new music coming out in 2023: “Rewind.” The song is scheduled for global release on January 10, 2023. It refers to looking back at a particular time when everything appeared to be going according to plan. These moments give us comfort as we navigate the challenges of the day. He is appreciative of the chance to collaborate with Marisa FrantzMatthew ShellErik FredriksenSami Turunen, Hector Ruano, and Glenn Welman once more. He really does hope you like it.

Michael wrote the song “Rewind” after witnessing the Texas school shooting. He was yearning for a better time in the past and wrote this to comfort those who yearn for better days. As a songwriter from New Jersey, he believes that if music can help someone forget about their problems, it has served its purpose. He understands how to deal with adversity as a Stage 4 cancer survivor.

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