“Pixie Dust” by Carpe Diem is a song written in the form of a tale and leads you on a quest to locate the magical dust in your life.

Carpe Diem is a Latin phrase that means “seize the day.” It is a two-piece band led by Keith on guitar and Ada on vocals. They collaborated on the music arrangement. They attempted to introduce the handpan as a new instrument to the band as they embarked on a story-telling journey through a cinematic, mysterious forest. Ada adores the magical healing powers of the handpan, which creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. She devotes some time to honing her handpan skills and hopes to keep it as one of Carpe Diem‘s regular instruments. This is their first handpan recording. Keith put in a lot of time researching microphone angles and how to properly record the handpan. They especially like the outro arrangement with the handpan, flute, and guitar solo. They attempted to use an opposite slow-fast-slow structure as a neat outro, as opposed to the typical fast-slow-fast structure of a sonata. However, after careful consideration by the team, they eventually decided to use the fairy singing to echo the fairy-like, mysterious intro, replacing the last “slow” part.

The music for Heaven is composed by Carpe Diem. Their angelic-inspired music has a calming effect that motivates and inspires on an emotional level. They explore narratives that perfectly link us to reality and dreams while delivering crafted perfection with a few layers. Their single, “Pixie Dust,” was made available on November 22, 2022.

Pixie Dust” is written in the style of a story, and it takes you on a journey to find the magical dust in your life. You’d feel like a little fairy walking through a mysterious forest, following your dreams… The song was recorded in Hong Kong at Yeah Studio. The idea behind the song is that kindness is their own pixie dust and that with this fairy dust, life can be both simple and beautiful. It’s the first time they’ve attempted to play Celtic music, which sounds like they’re walking through the woods in a medieval European castle while the fairies sing. The guitar tone and vocals create a rich but not overly dense background for the story being told. They ensure that the groove is felt but not pressed with minimally invasive percussion. The sound floats, much like a lullaby, and its purpose is to transport you to the boundary between time and space, where time moves like sand. The guitars never take away from the reassuring vocals; instead, they shine brilliantly in the spotlight. Despite the fact that the rhythm section isn’t overly populated, the song exudes the glow of a well-executed composition.

Pixie Dust” is interpreted by Carpe Diem as essential human qualities such as kindness and faith. Everyone can discover his or her own dream and fly with the wind. We are kind, so our dreams are pure and beautiful; we have faith, and even if we face challenges, we will not give up easily. A music video is also included with “Pixie Dust.” In addition to the song’s lyrics, the music video beautifully captures the enchanted mood of the song with breathtaking shots of a forest throughout the year. It also highlights the beauty of the little things, like a swarm of insects floating in the sunlight or a seed swaying in the wind.

Carpe Diem has always been adept at determining the tone that their songs should convey. However, they decide to appear convincing. Check out their fantastic song, “Pixie Dust.

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