Mikano’s Original Video “Tell A Lie” is a music video about human relationships and truth

MIKANO spent his youth traveling and was fortunate to visit all four corners of the globe. At the age of 17, his family moved to Paris, where he began to compose and write, inspired by the music that touched him at each stage of his life and his travels.

Mikano’s distinct sound is a colorful mash-up of his major influences, created for fans of Frank OceanBlood Orange, and Kid Cudi. His most recent track “Tell a lie”, perfectly captures this sound. He has so many influences that he had digested and subtly diluted. He’s created something that sounds like it’s never been heard before, something completely unique. MIKANO’s music is intimate and deep, balancing lightness and strength, taking the listener from one extreme to the other, from a song tinged with sweetness and fantasy to a title bursting with energy and raw power, all while maintaining an impeccable flow.

Laurent Segretier
Laurent Segretier

Tell a Lie“, Is a catchy single. Mikano’s vocal lines are a mix of silky smooth vocals and hard-hitting bars on top. “Tell a Lie” is a contemporary poem about truth and human relationships. It bears witness to our own bad behavior and sometimes we feel compelled to move and speak falsely, and other times we deceive our loved ones because we are unable to face the inconvenient but undeniable truth. It’s a piece about how everyone ends up lying in a variety of ways, forms, and intentions. But in the end, we can love and trust one another. It’s natural to feel pressured by one’s own mistakes, It is human to be unable to forgive and It’s okay to be sorry. Being vulnerable entails all of this.

In 2018, Mikano released “Blind Man Dreams”, a haunting and dreamlike EP that put him on the radar of the French and international music industries and established him as a genre-crossing artist. MIKANO maintained his momentum by releasing the EP “Melting Balloons” in 2020 and “AKWA I” in 2021.

The music video for “Tell a Lie” was released on November 23, 2022, following the release of MIKANO‘s new EP “AKWA II,” which is raw and explosive. It’s a beautiful and moving jumble of disorganized emotions. The EP is more intimate and deeper than MIKANO‘s previous work, transitioning the listener from one extreme to the other – from a song tinged with sweetness, vulnerability, and fantasy to something inflated with roughness and overly confident energy, depicting the complexities of our personal growth and relationships. AKWA is named after one of Douala‘s Cameroonian districts, Akwa, where MIKANO grew up.

The footage in the “Tell a lie” video appears to be analogue, with what appears to be digitally filmed and edited to create an analogue film and stills that could be either film photos or digital with effects. The video included “freeze scenes,” in which the camera pans around a scene that appears to be frozen in time, which was executed brilliantly. The music video, which was directed by Ferina and produced by Incendie, depicts MIKANO‘s reflection on three heartwarming situations from everyday life.

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