Sydney Jones, a talented artist hailing from the vibrant streets of Manhattan, New York City, has always been deeply connected to the dynamic cityscape and diverse culture that surrounds her. Her musical journey began with a love for poetry, serving as an avenue for self-expression during her youth. Over time, this passion for words blossomed into songwriting, where she found her true creative calling.

A self-taught pianist, Sydney’s dedication to her craft extends beyond the ivories, as she now explores the realms of guitar, drums, and bass. Her multifaceted musical skills serve as the foundation for her work as a producer and mix engineer, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to the world of music production.

Currently, Sydney is delving into the world of songwriting for TV and Film, while continuing to craft original music for streaming platforms. She thrives on collaboration, finding it exhilarating and inspiring as it ignites her creative spark and widens her musical horizons.

Sydney’s music carries a profound sense of purpose, evident in her spiritually uplifting and self-empowering compositions since 2019. Nature plays a significant role in her inspiration, with tracks like “Mother Earth” (released in 2021) and “The Journey” (released in 2023) reflecting her deep connection to the Earth and the sense of groundedness it provides.

Her music defies conventional genres, aptly described as ‘Rhythm & Sunshine,’ a term coined by Sydney herself. It encapsulates her love for rhythmic melodies and a lyrical approach free from sadness, blues, or gloom.

Sydney’s artistry is driven by the power of love, and she passionately believes in its transformative energy. Her music aims to be a guiding light for those who resonate with this sentiment, spreading love and positivity to all who listen. Sydney’s journey is not just about creating music; it’s about sharing a heartfelt message and making a positive impact on the world through her art.

Out Of The Matrix” by Sydney Jones is a groundbreaking and spiritually charged single that transcends conventional music genres. Released on August 11th, 2023, this experimental, progressive rock masterpiece delves deep into the concept of elevating one’s consciousness to break free from the confines of our current reality, metaphorically referred to as “the matrix”.

Sydney’s lyrics encapsulate the yearning for freedom from the negative systems and limitations that plague our daily lives. She skillfully employs the term “Matrix” to symbolize not only the societal pressures that inhibit authenticity but also the control mechanisms that obscure truth. Through her powerful lyrics, Sydney asserts that the influx of light and love in our world is dismantling these negative forces, revealing more profound truths.

The song’s chorus, with the repeated line “We’re out of the matrix”, serves as a clarion call for truth-seekers, emphasizing the desire for liberation from the constraints that hold us back.

Out Of The Matrix” marks a departure from Sydney’s previous work, as it ventures into the realm of rock, a genre she felt was the most fitting for the intensity of the subject matter. The song opens with a captivating melody, driven by the bass guitar and piano, accompanied by a subtle drumbeat. Sydney’s vocals enter the scene seamlessly, intertwining with the instrumentals to create a mesmerizing and energetic musical experience.

Throughout the song, the instrumentals take center stage at pivotal moments, injecting bursts of energy and rhythm into the composition. Sydney’s vocals, filled with passion and purpose, soar above the music, conveying the message of awakening and transformation.

Out Of The Matrix” stands as a testament to Sydney’s versatility as an artist and her commitment to pushing creative boundaries. It’s a song that invites listeners to reflect on their own journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening while rocking out to its dynamic and inspiring soundscape. To truly appreciate the depth and power of this track, it’s a must-listen for anyone seeking music that transcends genres and resonates with the quest for personal and collective elevation.

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