“Perdeu Mané” is a political rap by Will Lisil about Brazil being stolen. It expresses the feelings of mistreatment and manipulation of the people while those in power live extravagantly. The song’s message is conveyed through its unique rhythm and Will Lisil’s distinctive voice.

Will Lisil is a brilliant producer who is also an artist. His debut single fuses classical music with lyrical, rap, and trap music. Yes, the fusion in his music is exactly what makes it outstanding, but “Perdeu Mané” contains other elements as well. Will Lisil is a musician who experiments with a variety of musical genres, including hip-hop, EDM, pop, and rock-pop, to protest and draw attention to social issues.

Will Lisil is supporting the movement “Brazil Was Stolen,” which denounces the political crimes endured by the Brazilian people in 2022, and he is using music to expose the journalistic deception from which many nations are currently suffering. Brazil is currently passing through a catastrophe. The criminal Lula da Silva, who was forced upon the Brazilian people to serve as president, is turning the country into a communist dictatorship. This is comparable to what Lula’s accomplice in crime, Nicolás Maduro, has done in Venezuela.

Right now, in January 2023, organized crime is forcing the Brazilian people to accept a 12-year prison-sentenced felon as their president. Those who object are detained and prohibited from using social media by the Supreme Court, which is also made up of puppets of organized crime. Will Lisil is a multicultural music producer from the UK who has experience with nine different cultures. After managing the music distribution for independent musicians from more than 50 different nations, Will Lisil made the decision to use his musical talents for good.

Will Lisil created a platform for independent and grassroots musicians to distribute their music globally. PopHits.Co is a network where musicians may advance their careers on their own terms, free from unjust and abusive contracts. Fighting for social justice is Will Lisil‘s only goal in life, and he puts a lot of effort into preventing exploitative conditions for young people who are underrepresented in music, the workforce, and society. The origin of it all is PopHits.Co.

Lane Sofig
Lane Sofig

PopHits.Co is a dynamic platform where musicians may distribute their music for free and donate 10% of their sales to charity in addition to earning money and forming collaborations. Each person works, and everyone benefits. Additionally, he founded PopHits.Co as a non-profit venture to aid children everywhere in escaping the lucrative and perilous industry of child sexual exploitation.

Here are the lyrics from the song Perdeu Mané:

Hear our message now! United in one voice, we cry out: Brazil was stolen! You, who feel robbed, mistreated, and usurped, have been held on hostage. You, who ate only crumbs, while there in Brasilia they live like a king.

You, just paying taxes, and they live in idleness. It never made up for you! You, who were manipulated, an always broken Brazil, but now you’ve woken up. Listen, we are the real owners of Brazil, Listen, we are the real owners of Brazil!

Now it’s time to pass on our message: You lost Mané, Brasília is in my rifle sights. You lost Mané, I don’t accept people stealing my Brazil! Mission given, mission accomplished!

The song “Perdeu Manè” by Will Lisil was released on December 27, 2022, and it immediately became a hit. The artist, who is already well-known for his speaking pieces, stays on course. He challenges us while making us move with this rap that has distinct tones and a tonic rhythm. His distinctive voice adds flavor to the track, while the beat keeps things interesting.

The music is interspersed with breaks that let you reflect on the lyrics and prevent boredom from developing from the repetitive rhythm. The chorus makes it easy to think back to the greatest raps and relate to the musical style. Will Lisil knows how to change the rhythm of his voice in order to convey a message with greater impact. He does not limit himself to a hard-hitting rhythm. The avant-garde aesthetic of “Perdeu Mané” enables you to view music in a new way. If you are an activist at heart, this contemporary rap will surely entice you. Additionally, it enables you to change up too-boring playlists. This song accurately conveys the emotions it does.

The more I listen, the more I’m curious. Will Lisil advises playing this passage repeatedly. Therefore, “Perdeu Mané” is more than just music; it is a revolution that we hope to experience. You can watch the Perdeu Mané lyric video, which was tweeted and got more than 5,000 retweets. The Brazilians seem to agree with Will Lisil that their country was stolen!

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