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“Destello Inmortal (Remastered)” by Horizonte Lied is a powerful expression of love’s journey. The remastered version captures the intensity of falling in love through the band’s signature dark synth-pop sound. Let the vivid and emotional musical landscape inspire you to embrace the unpredictable nature of love.

The members of the synthpop group Horizonte Lied are Jesus Logar, lead vocals, keyboards, and sound design; Bernardo Garza, keyboards, percussion, and production; and Alex Ezert, production, programming, and backing vocals. The band formed when they were still in high school, around 1992. The original lineup changed over the course of those early years, but after 1996, when they discovered their vocalist in Jesus Logar, another longtime friend, things largely stayed the same. Over the following years, they played a few Depeche Mode covers and a number of original demos before becoming more serious around 2001. The most notable performance they have given was the opening for Clan of Xymox at the Guadalajara, Jalisco, Hard Rock Cafe in November 2002. In addition, they have performed primarily locally and nationally in bars and clubs. Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Recoil, Soda Stereo, Clan of Xymox, Cause and Effect, Simple Minds, A-HA, Duran Duran, and Rush are some of their main influences.

Bernardo Garza / Horizonte Lied
Bernardo Garza / Horizonte Lied

The remastered version of “Destello Immortal,” released by Mexican band Horizonte Lied on November 25, 2022, dazzles fans of synth-pop. This remastered version, which was first released as their debut, offers a fresh perspective on a classic. It is the seventh release from their “Final Remasters” project, which is part of a larger one. This colorful and stylized dark synth-pop track is included on a maxi-single with eight synth-pop tracks, all of which are band-produced remixes and b-sides. These songs conjure up a gloomy, dingy atmosphere, but they do so with a vigor and flutter that jumps out at you and enlivens. Every rendition of “Destello Inmortal (Remastered)” in this album was produced with a different interpretation by each band member, and it was inspired by a not overly complicated message about the state of love.

The theme of “Destello Inmortal (Remastered)” is how love can surprise us and leave us feeling both confused and ecstatic. The synthpop sound of this song adds to the feeling of intensity and energy while also capturing the unexpected and potent nature of love. It’s a release that’s incredibly colorful but also packed with dark synth-pop in a tangle of contradictory layers. The lyrics describe the range of emotions we experience while falling in love, from confusion to excitement as we travel an uncharted path. This song was one of many that were converted from hardware synths to an Impulse Tracker sequence with more complex samples, efx, and melodies before being tracked, updated, remixed, and remastered in Cubase.

This fascinating and varied collection of tracks from Horizonte Lied, which was released by SynthpopYourWorld Records, is a continuation of their remastered body of work. “Destello Inmortal (Remastered)” and the other songs on the maxi-single are sure to take you on a fun ride, whether you like synthpop or are just looking for some upbeat music.

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