Melina Hazewood is a phenomenal artist from Kent, United Kingdom, who has made a name for herself in the modern music industry rapidly. Her deep love of music and her natural talent to portray human emotions in her artwork inspired her to pursue art at a young age. Melina’s exceptional vocals and songwriting skills had already brought her recognition by the time she was in her teens. Her devotion and diligence paid off when she took home important awards like the Coup de Couer du Jury and the Golden Voices International Singing Contest Best Singer-Songwriter from Cannes, which are typically given to more established performers.

Her remarkable potential was brought to light by these early successes, which also paved the way for a bright future. The linguistic brilliance and emotional depth of Melina’s songs are what define them. She is frequently referred to be “an acute interpreter of human nature and emotional nuances,” and with every release, she further solidifies her reputation. Her songs have an old-world feel to them because they combine complex melodies with meaningful lyrics. Melina further solidified her reputation as an artist to watch in 2024 when she released her track “Memories Are Now Ghosts,” which garnered positive reviews and over 10,000 Spotify plays.

She has a devoted fan following and has received praise from critics for her ability to establish a very personal connection with her audience through her music. The charming melodies of Melina Hazewood’s latest single, “Simple Desire,” which was published on June 21st, 2024, are sure to enchant you. Intimate and passionate, this tune explores the exciting early phases of a relationship with a relatable and profoundly emotional innocence and passion. It digs into the purity and delicate beauty of fresh love. Three distinct languages are spoken in the chorus, illustrating how love knows no boundaries and unites people all around the world.

Inspired by the new life and beginnings that early summer brings, “Simple Desire” is a celebration of the shared intimate connections that make life so vibrant and magical. As Melina herself puts it, the song reflects the intensity of life that runs through each of us and connects us with the world, making “Simple Desire” not just a song, but an experience that will leave you longing for more. “Simple Desire,” a true masterpiece that captures the essence of new love in the most beautiful and heartfelt way.

From the very first second, I could feel the emotions that Melina Hazewood poured into the song “Simple Desire.” The soft melody was transcendent, with a unique rhythmic flow that swept me away. Each note carried the genuine feelings of desire and love, and the vulnerability in every chord resonated deeply within me. The peace and solace that come with true connections were palpable, and I found myself completely captivated. Every word Melina sang spoke to me on a deeply personal level, weaving a tapestry of simple yet dynamic layered instrumentation that left me spellbound and yearning for more.

The song opens with enchanting and charming piano melodies, setting a somber and serene tone for the journey ahead. These piano melodies serve as the foundation of this masterpiece, providing a delicate yet firm base for the emotions to build upon. As the song unfolds, I am greeted by Melina’s mellow voice, soft yet powerful, filled with vulnerability and passion. Her voice exudes a raw, exotic expression, carrying the lyrics with grace and authenticity. It’s as if she doesn’t mind being vulnerable, and this honesty only enhances the song’s emotional depth.


Progressing with a slow tempo, the song’s soft and delicate rhythm feels cozy and tranquil. I could feel the ethereal strings in the background hinting at intervals, adding an intense emotional layer to the already captivating melody. At the 1:52 mark, the gentle touch of the percussions introduces an astral quality to the song, creating a moment of pure magic. As the celestial strings of the acoustic guitar join in, followed by the soft caress of the drumbeat, a new rhythm emerges. This fusion of sounds elevates the song from a slow-tempo masterpiece to a slightly below mid-tempo groove, giving it a subtly energetic feel while maintaining its cozy, laidback essence.

One feature that heightened the song’s emotional impact was the inclusion of harmonizing background vocals. These ethereal and majestic vocals felt like a gentle embrace, enhancing the song’s already enchanting quality. The seamless transition and transformation within the song were nothing short of magical, evolving from a delicate piano melody to a richly layered, rhythmic masterpiece. This dynamic progression kept me engaged and invested in the emotional journey Melina crafted.

Melina’s lyrical delivery is nothing short of inspiring. Each line she sings is imbued with a sense of personal truth, as if she is sharing a piece of her soul with the listener. The vulnerability in her voice makes the love and desire she sings about feel genuine and relatable. I could almost see the scenes she described, feel the emotions she conveyed, and understand the experiences that inspired her words. This connection between artist and listener is what sets “Simple Desire” apart as a truly remarkable piece of music.


The song’s production quality is also excellent. A complex yet approachable soundscape is produced by the thoughtful placement of the instruments, the well-timed introduction of each component, and the well-balanced mix. Every element—from the percussion to the harmonizing vocals, from the piano to the strings—is expertly arranged to maximize the song’s overall impact. “Simple Desire” is a song that begs to be played again because of the meticulous attention to detail that ensures every listen uncovers new levels and intricacies.

Every note and lyric of “Simple Desire” seemed like I was going on an emotional trip, one that would help me better comprehend the depths of love and longing. Melina Hazewood’s talent is evident in the song’s capacity to arouse such intense emotions and conjure up such striking images. This song stands out in any music collection because to her skill in balancing fragility with strength, simplicity with complexity, and calmness with subtle energy.

Beyond just a song, “Simple Desire” is an experience. Melina Hazewood’s extraordinary talent and emotional range are eloquently displayed in this masterfully composed work. The song is a masterwork that has a profoundly personal resonance because to its flawless transitions, poignant lyrics, and complex arrangement. “Simple Desire” offers a calm and deep trip that stays long after the last note fades, making it a must-listen for anybody hoping to be inspired by music.

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