Nelda, a singer-songwriter and educator based in London, is recognized for her powerful lyrical storytelling and expressive voice. Exploring the complex themes of voluntary displacement, she is preparing to release her new concept album at the end of July 2024. This ambitious project, stemming from her master’s thesis, includes 12 songs, consisting of 10 collaborations and two solo compositions. Every song is a result of teamwork with songwriters from different countries living in London, showcasing their varied backgrounds and life stories. The album presents a variety of cultural stories from Brazil, Nigeria, Argentina, Australia, Slovakia, Italy, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, and Latvia, offering a distinct musical journey into the feelings and obstacles encountered in relocating to a different nation.


Released on July 5th, 2024, “In-between Two Worlds” is the third single from Nelda’s soon-to-be-released concept album. This pop-jazz song is notable not just for its complex musicality, but also for its deep thematic significance. The origin of the song, which comes from Nelda’s morning writing sessions, showcases her creative method and talent for turning individual reflection into art that resonates with everyone. Being the song that inspired the whole album, “In-between Two Worlds” captures the essence of the project, exploring the emotional challenges of existing within multiple cultures and identities.

The tune starts with a gentle jazz instrumental, instantly establishing a refined and reflective atmosphere. The musical accompaniment is not merely a background element, but a crucial part of the story, setting a mood that draws the audience into Nelda’s contemplative experience. The soft interaction between the instruments creates a calming and contemplative base, getting the listener ready for the singing to begin. This thoughtfully composed introduction highlights Nelda’s precise focus on detail and her skill in utilizing musical components to enrich storytelling.

Nelda’s vocal seamlessly merges with the jazz instrumentation at the 17-second mark. She has a compelling mix of clear and warm vocals, delivering lyrics with precise articulation that captivates the audience. Her ability as a performer is showcased by how her vocal lines weave together with the instrumental arrangement, demonstrating her grasp of musical dynamics. Nelda’s vocal delivery is incredibly captivating, effortlessly guiding the listener through the emotional journey of the song with grace and skill, immediately capturing their attention.

Nelda’s vocal delivery on “In-between Two Worlds” is a demonstration of emotive mastery. She effortlessly shifts between different tones and registers a wide range of emotions that reflect the song’s themes. Her voice is both powerful and nuanced, capable of expressing the subtleties that defines the song. This dynamic vocal approach keeps the listener engaged and adds depth to the narrative, making each listen a new discovery. The addition of backup vocals at strategic points in the track further enhances its emotional impact. These harmonies contribute richness and texture to the arrangement, resulting in a more complete and engaging sound. Nelda’s talent as a producer and her ability to recognize harmony are showcased through this meticulous organization, guaranteeing that every aspect of the song adds to its overall impact.

From an instrumental standpoint, the song “In-between Two Worlds” consistently exudes a unified pop-jazz atmosphere. The infusion of jazz components into modern pop creates music that is both classic and current, attracting a broad range of listeners. The arrangement’s clear structure highlights the emotional heart of the song, creating a strong foundation for Nelda’s vocals and lyrics to shine. Balancing complexity and accessibility makes this song stand out on the album, highlighting its greatest strengths.

Ultimately, “In-between Two Worlds” is a potent and evocative musical composition that encapsulates the core of Nelda’s conceptual album. The song provides a thoughtful and understanding view on the struggles and benefits of balancing life in two different world. This song, with its advanced instrumentation, captivating vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics, paves the way for the rest of the album, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable listening experience. “In-between Two Worlds” serves as proof of Nelda’s artistic talent and her capacity to form a profound and intimate bond with her audience.

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