Credit: Hannah Bickmore

At the young age of 14, Carson Ferris has established an impressive music career, demonstrating a dedication and passion for music that exceeds his age. Carson began his musical adventure at 6 years old when he selected the electric guitar as his instrument. He solidified his musical base by participating in rock bands at Dave Wilbur’s Rock Lab in Orem and singing with the One Voice Children’s Choir.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Carson decided to pursue his music career on his own by recording in Los Angeles. During 2023, Carson received recognition for his song “Crazy” with an Honorable Mention and reached the finals for Best Male Artist at the International Acoustic Music Awards with “Drive Alone Acoustic Version”. His dedication to music is clear as he persists in taking online classes to have more time for his craft, playing at nearby events, and consistently creating and producing music.

Credit: Hannah Bickmore
Credit: Hannah Bickmore

Ghosts” is Carson Ferris’ latest single, coming after a nearly nine-month break since his 2023 track, ‘Talkin’ to You’. Dropped on July 5th, 2024, the track represents a major achievement in his musical career, displaying his development as an artist and the changes in his music style. “Ghosts” demonstrates his skill in combining individual experiences with universal emotional concepts. This electro-pop track diverges from his previous works, offering a fresh take on his signature style. The song’s deep, resonant themes and meticulous production highlight Carson’s growing maturity as a musician, solidifying his place in the contemporary music scene.

Ghosts” begins with an entrancing opening, featuring Carson’s distinctive voice layered over a dreamy rhythmic beat. This initial setup immediately draws listeners in, setting the stage for a journey through Carson’s emotional landscape. The production, handled by Matthew Parker, is immaculate, with each element of the instrumentation meticulously crafted to enhance the overall atmosphere of the track. The use of electronic elements is prominent, yet balanced, ensuring that the song maintains a harmonious blend of synthetic and organic sounds. This beginning part introduces the main themes of the song and establishes a captivating mood that lingers throughout the song.

As the song continues, it becomes clear that Carson has put all of his emotions into “Ghosts.” The song’s lyrics explore the intricacies of toxic and unhealthy relationships, a topic that is both familiar and deeply intimate. Carson’s ability to express deep emotions through his music is remarkable, especially considering his youth. The main idea of the song is strong and moving, emphasizing that forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to continue having that person in your life. This just means that you should view those who have harmed you as ghosts. You should ignore them, forgive them, and move forward with your life. This theme deeply connects with listeners, offering a feeling of emotional release for those who have experienced similar circumstances. The introspective and universal themes in “Ghosts” make it a profoundly powerful song.

At approximately 56 seconds into the song, the instrumentation becomes more prominent, incorporating rhythmic and infectious components that enhance the overall quality of the track. This part demonstrates Carson’s talent for crafting an exciting and immersive musical journey. His deep vocal tone and complex musical accompaniment combine to produce a captivatingly rich auditory experience for the audience. The instrumentation is both engaging and mood-setting. The pace is somewhat slower than regular dance songs, highlighting synthesizer and percussion components to generate an electronic atmosphere.

Carson’s vocal performance in “Ghosts” is one of the most remarkable aspects. His voice in the song effectively conveys the essence of the song’s themes with a blend of power and emotion. At 2:48 into the song, Carson’s singing becomes more intense, reaching a higher level of emotion. This intensified vocal performance brings a feeling of immediacy and genuine emotion to the song, preventing listeners from being apathetic. Carson’s skill in expressing profound emotions through his voice shows his strong talent and promise as a singer.

The instrumentation in “Ghosts” is just as remarkable, with every component deliberately selected to amplify the song’s overall effect. The music blends a rhythmic, catchy vibe with an atmospheric, surreal touch. This dual nature amplifies the emotional effect of the song, creating a captivating and enchanting track. The slower pace of the music makes it easier to notice the small details in the instruments, making each part more noticeable. The meticulous focus on arranging ensures that listening to “Ghosts” is a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Credit: Hannah Bickmore
Credit: Hannah Bickmore

In summary, “Ghosts” showcases Carson Ferris’ development as an artist. The track demonstrates his talent in fusing personal stories with broad concepts, resulting in a song that is both resonant and emotionally impactful. Carson’s passionate singing, meaningful words, and careful production create a song that is engaging and powerful. “Ghosts” shows that Carson Ferris is a promising musician with a successful future. Listening to this song is essential for anyone who values sincere and expertly created music, and it further cements Carson’s reputation as a skilled and creative musician.

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