Johnno Casson, also known as Snippet, is a versatile multi-instrumentalist hailing from Colchester, United Kingdom. With a rich background in the music scene, Johnno’s journey includes recording and touring with various bands such as Deep Joy. This band emerged from the vibrant early ‘90s London acid house/club scene, collaborating with notable figures like Andrew Weatherall and David Harrow. Their sound evolved through the early years of trip-hop on James Lavelle’s Mo ‘Wax label, receiving acclaim from the likes of Gilles Peterson. Over the years, Johnno has developed a distinctive musical style that blends elements of indie, pop, and soul, earning him a dedicated following.

Johnno Casson

Released on July 5th, 2024, “English Fables Vol.1” is the ninth album under Johnno Casson’s Snippet moniker. This album showcases his signature style of creating tracks filled with beat, bounce, and rhyme. From the outset, it is clear that “English Fables Vol.1” is a delightful and eclectic collection of songs. The album is characterized by wonderfully oddball character songs with irresistible hooks, alongside deeply moving moments of self-reflection and poignancy. It feels like a pick-me-up, offering a blend of humor, emotion, and catchy tunes.

Johnno’s fearless approach to songwriting is evident as he tackles personal and societal issues, including his battles with chronic health conditions and the toxic masculinity he faced growing up on a council estate. Recorded in a DIY style at home using a beaten-up old tube mic, a nylon-stringed guitar, various guitar pedals, and a set of good intentions, the authenticity of “English Fables Vol.1” shines through in every track.

English Fables Vol.1 Album Track List:

Come On Down:
“Come On Down”
is the second track on “English Fables Vol.1,” and it showcases Johnno Casson’s ability to blend diverse musical influences into his distinctive Snippet sound. Taking cues from Northern Soul, Sleaford Mods, Donald Byrd’s “New Perspective,” and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, this song pulsates with a dynamic energy that is distinctly Johnno. The lively vibe of “Come On Down” quickly captures the listener’s interest, establishing an energetic atmosphere for the entire album.
The song contains a lively rhythm that drives the music forward, appealing to those wanting to dance. Johnno’s rapid vocal delivery contributes to the overall infectious feel of the song, making it catchy. His skill at blending rhythmic singing with a catchy tune guarantees that “Come On Down” will stay with you even when the music ends. The upbeat music and lively singing come together to generate a positive vibe that is difficult to ignore.
“Come On Down” is a mesmerizing song that captures the spirit of Snippet’s cheerful and optimistic attitude. The uplifting vibe of the song showcases Johnno’s skill in creating music that is both fun and melodically intricate. The track not only shines as a standout on “English Fables Vol.1” but also showcases the album’s theme of celebrating life’s moments, big and small, with enthusiasm and heart.

The song “Ink” on the album “English Fables Vol.1” is a charming standout with captivating vocals and intriguing instrumentation. Under his Snippet alias, Johnno Casson presents a song blending his unique voice with a detailed musical accompaniment. The outcome is a song that captures attention immediately and remains unforgettable.
The instrumentation on “Ink” stands out, with a mix of captivating and intriguing sounds. The composition combines different elements to form a musical tapestry that is both diverse and cohesive. The diverse range of music creates a strong base for Johnno’s singing, boosting the track’s positive atmosphere. Every instrument appears to move gracefully with the melody, providing richness and complexity that capture the listener’s attention.
One of the most impressive things about “Ink” is its capacity to make you want to dance. The catchy beat and lively tempo of the song make it impossible for listeners to resist moving their feet or swaying to the music. The positive vibe of the song is evident, making it a standout track on the album. “Ink” captures the cheerful and inspiring essence of “English Fables Vol.1,” combining enchanting vocals and engaging instrumentation for a memorable impact.

Johnno Casson

Pipe Dreams:
“Pipe Dreams,”
the 12th song on “English Fables Vol.1,” addresses the urgent problem of water pollution with a moving and stimulating method. The song’s lyrics speak directly about how humans affect water bodies, encouraging people to refrain from dumping plastics and pollutants into the water. Johnno Casson utilizes his Snippet platform to convey a strong environmental message, advocating for awareness and action to safeguard the valuable resources of our planet.
From a musical standpoint, “Pipe Dreams” is a prime example of minimalism at its finest. The sparse instrumentation intentionally highlights Johnno’s vocals as the main focus. This simple method guarantees that the song’s key message isn’t drowned out by intricate musical compositions. On the other hand, the uncomplicated but efficient musical accompaniment improves the understanding of the words, allowing listeners to connect with and contemplate the song’s message.
The outcome is a haunting and impactful track. The minimalistic music enhances the seriousness of the topic, pulling in listeners to the story and prompting reflection on their own behavior towards water contamination. “Pipe Dreams” showcases Johnno’s skill in producing music that is both artistically captivating and culturally significant, positioning it as a standout song on “English Fables Vol.1”.

Resting Face:
The last song on “English Fables Vol.1,” titled “Resting Face,” captures the essence of a relaxed musical arrangement. This track provides a calm and introspective ending to the album, making it the perfect finale for listeners. The complex musical arrangement flows easily, providing a calming atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment of the subtle musical intricacies.
The vocals in “Resting Face” are especially remarkable for their heavenly and soothing sound. Johnno Casson’s vocals blend elegantly with the relaxed musical accompaniment, elevating the serene ambiance of the song. He speaks softly and expressively, captivating the audience with a feeling of kindness and closeness. The vocals complement the complex instrumentation seamlessly, resulting in a harmonious mix that is both organic and captivating.
Closing out the album, “Resting Face” makes a strong impact with its soothing and reflective characteristics. The song’s relaxed vibe and complex musical arrangement wrap up “English Fables Vol.1” perfectly, capturing the album’s varied emotional range. It’s a song that encourages people to stop, think, and admire the beauty of simplicity, bringing a memorable conclusion to a diverse musical experience.

The album epitomizes the essence of music, overflowing with personality, anecdotes, and colorful characters that embody a love for life. Every one of the 14 songs on the album is an engaging work, adding to a unified listening session. The music combines gritty melodies, lively knee beats, rhythmic guitar riffs, and lovely strings. Songs like “Come On Down” showcase Johnno’s talent in making danceable rhythms and memorable vocal performances, while “Ink” gives off a positive energy with its enchanting vocals and unique instrumentation.

Overall, “English Fables Vol.1” is a testament to Johnno Casson’s talent for crafting music that is both deeply personal and universally relatable. It’s a journey through life’s ups and downs, wrapped in an engaging and sonically diverse package. This album is indie with soul, wonky pop with heart, and a true reflection of the people and stories of England. It’s a must-listen for anyone seeking music that resonates on multiple levels.

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