A rising star from Sewell, NJ, USA, Nico Davis combines electronic, trip-hop, and R&B components to create a sound that is both distinctive and attractive. The inventive sounds and rhythms of hip-hop icons like J Dilla, Nujabes, and Madlib drew Nico in and ignited his early love of music. Electronic pioneers Jamie XX, Kaytranada, and James Blake introduced him to the world of experimental soundscapes and production techniques, broadening his sonic pallet as he continued to explore music. Nico’s career as an artist has been distinguished by his unwavering commitment and desire to produce music that truly speaks to his audience.

With a soundtrack of opulent, layered instrumentals, his debut EP, “Head in the Clouds,” demonstrated his ability to merge genres with ease and featured his rich baritone vocals. The critically acclaimed EP helped pave the way for his later albums. Nico Davis has worked with a variety of musicians in addition to his solo endeavors, bringing a wide range of influences and viewpoints to his music. His collaboration with virtuoso guitarist Chris Baldarrago, best known for his work with NJ bands Shark Earrings and Kiaura Rose, and ethereal backing vocalist Selena Becerra has proven especially productive. Nico’s sound has improved as a result of these partnerships, and his songs now have more depth and complexity.

The beautiful background and heartening lyrics of Nico Davis’ most recent single, “Cherry,” which was released on June 14th, 2024, will undoubtedly captivate listeners with its enticing blend of laid-back R&B and trip-hop. Nico shows his growth as a musician and his ability to create music that is both avant-garde and profoundly emotional with “Cherry,” which picks up where his first EP, “Head in the Clouds,” left off. The cooperation between guitarist Chris Baldarrago and backing vocalist Selena Becerra on the song “Cherry” adds layers of texture and harmony, making it a superb example of current R&B.

The instant I hit play on Nico Davis’ most recent track, “Cherry,” I was engulfed in a soundscape that was at once comfortingly familiar and pleasantly unfamiliar. A warm and serene mood is established right away by the opening notes, which feature delicate piano melodies and gentle synths. The universe Nico built drew me in and allowed me to explore unrequited love in a way that was both innocent and profound. I had the impression that I was floating on a cloud while reading Nico’s moving story because of the track’s hazy, lofi sensibilities.

The song’s smooth blending of genres really caught my attention as it went on. The track gained a distinct groove from the hip-hop-inspired drum beat, which also gave it intensity and rhythm. My head nodded reflexively as I listened to this music because it was soulful and almost hypnotic. A thick, textured sound that was both calming and enthralling was produced by the deep sub-bass, which also added another dimension of richness. These components worked together to create a progressive, growing mid-tempo gem that had me captivated from beginning to end.

For me, Nico’s vocals were the standout feature. His tranquil demeanor and gentle, soothing baritone conveyed the words with elegance and accuracy. His voice felt both new and modern, yet it also had a nostalgic quality. His song about unrequited love resonated with me because it brought back memories of my own experiences with yearning and longing. His voice captivated me and made me experience the feelings he was conveying. He occasionally used double tracking on his voice, which gave the song more depth and a refined vibe.


A notable aspect of “Cherry” was the incorporation of Selena Becerra’s harmonizing vocals. Her angelic voice brought an exotic touch to the song and well complemented Nico’s baritone. The harmonies enhanced the entire tone without becoming overbearing because they were positioned precisely. The song is much more compelling now that this collaboration has added layers of harmony and richness. The listening experience was enhanced by my intense anticipation of Selena’s voice, which I thought to be really engaging.

The instrumental arrangement in “Cherry” was nothing short of magical. The interplay between the woozy Rhodes pianos and the bleeping synthesizers created a dreamy, almost otherworldly atmosphere. Each sound was meticulously crafted, contributing to the song’s overall vibe without overshadowing the vocals. I loved how the warm and bright percussion sounds added an exotic and ecstatic feel to the track. These unique elements kept the song dynamic and engaging, ensuring that I never lost interest.

I couldn’t help but be impressed by the musical skill that went into making the song as I listened to it. Though he was able to produce something wholly original, Nico’s influences could be heard in the complex beats and opulent soundscapes. The song was ideal for unwinding and introspecting because of its cool, relaxed vibe. It was obvious that every component had been thoroughly thought out, producing a well-composed and polished piece of music. I saw that I was losing myself in the music and losing track of my surroundings.


I really connected with “Cherry” on a thematic level. The examination of unfulfilled love was approached with an authentic and realistic feeling of naivety and vulnerability. The bittersweet feelings that come with loving someone who might not feel the same way were captured in Nico’s songs, which vividly portrayed longing and desire. Since this theme is universal, I’m sure that a lot of listeners would recognize themselves in the song. It serves as a reminder of the joy and suffering that come with love, emotions that we have all experienced.

Nico Davis’s song “Cherry” is a wonderful example of his development as a musician. The combination of his deep baritone, the sophisticated production, and the laid-back R&B and trip-hop produces a calming and fascinating listening experience. The song is enhanced with depth and richness by the collaborations with Chris Baldarrago and Selena Becerra. “Cherry” is a must-listen for everyone who appreciates romantic R&B with a hint of lofi. I will be listening to this lovely, sentimental song on repeat.

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