Trucker Bomb releases their new alternative country single

Trucker Bomb’s “Everything” is a country-rock song that elicits dark and dramatic emotions and encourages listeners to form their own opinions regarding the underlying meaning of the song.

Troy Richardson, a singer, songwriter, and bassist, spent several summers in South Dakota, which felt like the Wild West compared to his Minneapolis home. Even though he’d go on to spend the majority of his time in rock bands, he’d never forgotten the mood of those truck stops and eateries that played vintage ’70s country. Inspired by that experience and the southern rock of the 1980s, which blended a little bit of everything he founded, TruckerBomb bridges alt-country and American music with alternative and hard rock.

Pierre Quinton
Pierre Quinton

There aren’t many cannibalism and existential dread themes in country-rock tunes, but Troy Richardson isn’t your typical songwriter. He is renowned for his ability to turn a phrase, adding humor and sarcasm in equal measure to serious insights, and because of the general attitude expressed by the characters and observers in the stories, his songs stand out.

TruckerBomb’s music blends honky-fast-paced tonk’s swing with a splash of dive-bar grunge. TruckerBomb nonetheless goes about its business, and in just a matter of time, one of their songs will eventually be used on the soundtrack for a movie. While the band is working on their debut album, the eight TruckerBomb singles have been published digitally. From the driving country-rock of regardless to a healthy touch of melancholia on “Broken Like Me,” the existential dread of “Mobridge, South Dakota,” guitar forward alternative on “Cannibal,” and others, the band keeps listeners guessing what’s next while maintaining their own sound.

Pierre Quinton
Pierre Quinton

TruckerBomb’s latest single, “Everything,” was released on September 2nd, 2022, and it includes everything as the title suggests. This piece combines the male singers’ emotive delivery of well-supported and extended chest notes with the lovely female vocals of Ursula Lari, who also plays guitar. Speaking of guitars, they sound massive and commanding, while the bass guitar, in particular, stands out in the mix, and the drum fills during the verses and the chorus catch you off guard. The choir, on the other hand, features the two vocalists singing higher notes, an incredible guitar refrain, and an even groovier bass line. The synths and keys in the background, as well as the way the vocals are produced, are what make this so reminiscent of Americana. With a vocal line like this, the song will be stuck in your brain for days on end.

Troy Richardson’s lyrics are dark, dramatic, and heartfelt on the single, while Peruvian Ursula Lari delivers an outstanding performance on guitar and backup vocals. Evocative lyrics encourage listeners to form their own opinions about the song’s underlying significance. Americana meets rock, with a dash of country tossed in for good measure. The great Fernando Perdomo recorded the track at Stairway Studios. 

This tune has a nostalgic melody that transports you to another world, and the vocal interpretation is wonderful, as is the sound combination that the female and male vocals manage to produce. “Everything” is a song that genuinely moved me; it spoke to my heart and soul. I closed my eyes and envisioned myself flying with herons across the big American prairies. Troy Richardson has excelled himself once again by writing this tune. To be honest, I feel “Everything” is a smash because it appears to conceal a secret, which makes it incredibly intriguing. All of the band members delivered flawless performances. 

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