Renowned World Trio “The Night Agent” releases a new Album

“Stars Above Us.” Jacob Hirdwall, Janne Schaffer and Christopher Wollter 

In 2020, dramatist and author Jacob Hirdwall launched The Night Agent, a musical project that featured both renowned guitarist Janne Schaffer and vocal actor Christopher Wollter. However, they are a trio that will also perform live in support of the brand-new album “Stars Above Us,” which was released on November 18, 2022.

The album’s nine songs, which lasted 35 minutes and 12 seconds, are all powerful tunes that you’ll remember long after your first listen. Interest was stirred by the debut song in the album, “When You Dream,” not only in Sweden but also in Norway, the United States of America, Canada, and Italy. 

With influences from the 80s New Wave, the record builds on its explosive pop, and Jacob Hirdwall’s lyrics demonstrate his dual roles as a dramatist and author.

Photo Credit @Nikola Stankovi
Photo Credit @Nikola Stankovi

“The record was intended to serve as a reminder of who we are and what we are capable of,” according to The Night Agents. This album is an upbeat yet melancholy synth-pop drama. The Future Sound of Stockholm, a record company, has the band The Night Agent under contract.

This is a beautiful voyage of an album, with Janne Schaffer’s lead guitars, the unwavering voice of singing actor Christopher Wollter, backup on some tracks by Linnea Elfström Schederin and Emilia Larsson, and musical allusions like Gary Numan with bands like New Order.

Tobias Isaksson, also known as Azure Blue, collaborated on the production of the first three songs, and Hkan Kesson mastered the tracks.

Star Above Us Tracklist:

1. Prelude

2. When You Dream

3. A Voice in the Void

4. Dreams in Technicolor

5. Waiting for You

6. Stars Above Us

7. Fade to Grey

8. Forget About Me 

9. Epilogue

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