1st Base Runner releases new Ep – Night Stalker

Night Stalker

The immersive project 1st Base Runner was made by Texas producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Husmann. The creative genius uses a variety of analog synths, shoegaze, nostalgic 80s dark wave, and other musical genres to produce songs that are rich with unadulterated feelings and hard-won experiences.

More EPs and beautiful music videos have been published by Husmann in the past two years than most musicians do in a decade. There is no doubt that the 1st Base Runner project will continue to garner attention in 2023 with a showcase at SXSW Festival and two more future releases. 

Artwork/front and back cover by Matt Needle. Promo photos by Heather Gildroy
Artwork/front and back cover by Matt Needle. Promo photos by Heather Gildroy

Husmann is quite good at dismantling barriers by himself, making his presence practically apparent to the listener. 1st Base Runner might be the light horse we’ve been looking for because he has the support of two excellent musicians behind him.

On November 11, 2022, he published his most recent EP, “Night Stalker,” which is a crushing blow to the electronica subgenre. The prolific musician will put out a fifth EP in the first quarter of 2023 with mysterious Austin-based drummer Adam Byram and Austin-based bassist Kevin Rowe. The trio has finally finished Husmann’s concept for the project, assisted by renowned producer Dilly Gent of Son&Heir productions, who serves as the project’s permanent Creative Director.

His most sinister and cinematic effort to date is without a doubt “Night Stalker.” This is the essential sound of an artist who follows his muse without hesitation. It is ambient, experimental, and downright spine-chilling. Before perusing this visceral collection, lock the doors and dim the lights. You are taken to a fantastical realm by “Night Stalker,” which is full of masterfully created tension, release, and longing. It surpasses the competition hand-and-hand as a concept EP. Additionally captivating is the accompanying music video, which was created by Dilly Gent Son&Heir Productions.

Artwork/front and back cover by Matt Needle. Promo photos by Heather Gildroy
Artwork/front and back cover by Matt Needle. Promo photos by Heather Gildroy

The tracklist for the EP “Night Stalker” is as follows: 

1) In the Neighborhood

2) Dark Drive Through the Canyon

3) Night Stalker

4) The Serpent and Space

The music that puts you within this crystal container, where you can look out, is “In the Neighborhood.” The flow is defined by the synth leads, which serve as a stepping stone for counting the beat and comprehending the rhythm. It’s possible that the layers’ overlapped appearance was meant to convey a faint sense of frenzy. As each roulette is finished, the singers aim to take you to the hypnotic universe that 1st Base Runner created.

The second song, “Dark Drive Through the Canyon,” starts off silently before picking up steam. These gradual buildups prevent the song from carrying over into the next verse and instead allow it to disintegrate into its core. With the synth’s stages increasing progressively, there is an incline that you must climb to reach the peak. The pop core is audible, but it takes the form of a surreal oscillation, with each part peeled back to reveal other layers.

The song he actively worked on is followed by the EP’s title track. In contrast to the more eerie sections of the songs, “Night Stalker” typically creates discord, or, as with the title tune, uncertainty, and terror. This song actually feels like a sound portrayal of what it’s like inside a serial killer’s head, living true to its title. It is emotional and provocative, and it makes a strong argument for avoiding unwanted thoughts. Joy Division-like New Wave elements are audible. The synth lead reflects the influence of industry.

“The Serpent and Space” is percussion-free. You absolutely lose yourself in the lyrics of the song at this point. The lyrics lure you in, and the implied overt sense of importance is there. The vocals on this track morph like smoke in a jar. As it floats in this void of synthesized noises and quiet, it recovers and develops.

Listen to “Night Stalker” on Spotify.

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