Onism E presents their latest single – It’s Not Over

“It’s Not Over” BY Onism E

Onism E’s frontwoman, Eline Chavez, derives inspiration for her emotionally charged songs from her upbringing in California, Texas, and now New York City. This intensity has been amplified by Eline’s Onism E project, which was influenced by early female rockers such as Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt, and Joan Jett.

The latest single by San Antonio, Texas-based indie-rock band Onism E is titled “It’s Not Over.” Onism E is a rock band headed by Eline Chavez, with guitarist Chris Lefty Vargas and drummer Raj Arenas. “It’s Not Over,” a bluesy rock song, combines warm guitars, driving percussion, and Eline’s strong vocal delivery. The song has a classic rock sound with a soulful infusion that draws the listener in. The lyrics of the song are about overcoming obstacles and remembering that “It’s Not Over” even when you feel stuck. This uplifting new rock single by Onism E about facing challenges head-on is a perfect addition to any rock or blues playlist.

The band’s most recent single, “It’s Not Over,” which was published on November 10, 2022, discusses the struggle to stay present and strong during these tough times, which seem to be the standard these days. This latest song still has all the rock ‘n’ roll you would expect from them, but with a little touch of extra blues and soul. When Eline wrote this song, she was aware that many people, including herself, were struggling. It may be easier to stay face down on the ground while being repeatedly pounded on the chin as a group, but they must stand up. They had to turn around to ensure that no one was left behind. Their sixth consecutive single is titled “It’s Not Over.”

The song “It’s Not Over” has the introspective lyrics, “I have no idea what I’m doing here, life has kicked me down more times than I expected it would.” I’m constantly impressed with Eline Chavez’s voice, which emanates depth and charisma while communicating her joy and enthusiasm. She does an excellent job of singing, “No one is left behind,” and then assuring us, “I got you.”

When everything around you is on fire and reading the news becomes an increasingly dangerous hobby, it seems like a good idea to hide out in a distant cave and hibernate until everything is over. This fantastic band motivates people to persevere and continue to keep their strength. Onism E.

Onism E, a heartfelt mix of life experiences, is making a name for itself in the indie music industry. Every live performance will make you feel something different. So join them on the amazing trip of “It’s Not Over,” and together we’ll find the strength to keep going.

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