“Some Are Gone” by the Barcelona-based band GAZ explores the impact of people who enter and leave our lives and the understanding that everything happens for a reason to improve us and make us better people. The song is emotional and uplifting, with powerful vocals and a fusion of traditional blues and rock music with modern elements, making it appealing to listeners of all ages.

GAZ, a Barcelona-based band, has been exploring and dissolving the boundaries between time and place in classic rock music for over two decades. Josep Antoni Lopez on vocals and bass, Jordi Pedrigo on guitars, and Albert Pedrigo on drums make up Gaz. This trio draws inspiration from their individual parts, delving into their heritage, life experiences, and feelings toward music to create timeless masterpieces that bridge the gap between pop and rock in exceptional ways. It appears that the main goal of each of their songs is to explore the depths of an idea until it reaches the end of the rabbit hole.

The trio ensures that their music is enjoyed by listeners and transports them back to a time when artists such as The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, and others ruled the music charts. At the same time, their songs are relatable to people of all ages. After all, who doesn’t appreciate the mental power, uplift, and motivation that powerful classic rock tunes elicit? GAZ, the talented trio who have become unrivaled champions of Europe’s classic rock and roll scene, kicked off the New Year with a bang by releasing “Some Are Gone,” a fierce and cataclysmic single, on December 19, 2022. 


The song “Some Are Gone” is about all the different people who enter and leave our lives and have a big impact. But at the same time, as we get older and have more life experiences, we understand that everything happens for a reason, and as a result, these events only serve to improve us and make us better people. The song is very emotional and equally has an uplifting beat that has been dragged into the modern age, and it’s an absolute delight to savor. The energizing guitar riffs at the heart of the melodies lay the groundwork for the song’s fast-paced, toe-tapping, and wonderfully authentic features to flourish.

The lead vocalist Josep Antoni Lopez‘s heartwarming and powerful voice elevates this song to another level, and you can’t help but sing along to the melodies while listening to it while Albert’s tight drumming lays the song’s strong and steady foundation and groove, which Jordi’s utterly tasteful rhythm and lead guitar add bright colors to. The guitar tones are another authentic aspect of this song. If you were fortunate enough to grow up during the golden era, all you have to do is listen to “Some Are Gone” and reminisce about the good old days!

As you might expect from classic southern rock or blues tunes, the tones are dirty and cranky. After all, when it comes to rock music, guitars are unavoidable! The lyrics fit the composition nicely, and it is a song you will enjoy listening to while driving through the countryside by yourself. Also, don’t forget to crank up the volume to fully appreciate this track’s extreme energy! After listening to “Some Are Gone” multiple times, I believe it to be a rock version of Lukas Graham’s “7 Years,” as GAZ goes on to tell a story about life, from growing up and losing friends and family to others just passing away, but life just keeps on moving; it never stops, does it?

Overall, “Some Are Gone” is a great example of combining traditional blues and rock music origins with modern-day flourishes. It has the intricacies and soul of raw blues, the fire of genuine classic rock, and the mood of country blues rock music. It also has a wide range of likeability and offers something for every generation, which is why I am recommending it to you right now.

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