Damien’s “Empty” combines a minor amount of dubstep with the artist’s characteristic industrial-pop aesthetic. The song was written to make people dance, but it was also meant to communicate a message of great melancholy through the use of harsh electronica’s metallic sounds.

Damien is an alternative electro-rock musician, singer, and songwriter who uses music as his primary means of expression. He is perceptive, sympathetic, complex, dynamic, contemplative, relational, sexual, introverted, empathetic, flawed, delicate, and a little insecure. He also loves to create and study and is passionate about music, art, and culture. He enjoys singing, yoga, float tanks, longboarding, and skydiving, among other new activities. He also enjoys reading, and he values the aesthetic of space despite maintaining a simple lifestyle.

Damien is a backyard philosopher, theologian, and beer enthusiast who wants to connect with others who share his interests in order to share life’s many beautiful pleasures and tragedies. Fundamentally, he is an inner little boy who only wants to be seen and heard, and this desire, along with others, shows in the way he creates. With similarities to Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode, Damien operates in the murky territory of alternative electro-rock. Damien has produced an incredible body of work, including a first nine-track album titled “Girl,” which received praise from both listeners and the music business. Following the release of the album, Damien released a number of singles and an EP titled “Wrong Age,” “Wrong Race,” and “andandanandandWrong Gender.” This EP received a lot of support from Australian community radio station 4ZZZ, which named it their “album of the week,” and as a result, four singles were nominated for their 2022 Hot 100 Countdown.

Damien is no stranger to the stage, and his cerebral yet boisterous live performance has made him a mainstay on the Southeast Queensland concert circuit. At the Queerswich Music Festival in 2023, he will debut his new album, “Candidate for the Abyss,” in addition to a number of headlining performances throughout the state. In the upcoming months, Damien will continue to create and perform music that is a reflection of his inner creativity. He is burning with a desire to express himself and connect with others.

The second single from prolific Ipswich darkwave musician Damien’s upcoming third album will be released in the first half of 2023, and it will be an energetic start to the year. The explosive “Empty,” which was released on February 3, 2023, will kick off the year 2023 for Damien following the success of his current single “Nowhere.” This song incorporates a small amount of dubstep with the artist’s signature industrial-pop style. “Empty,” which oozes with expertly created audio layering, is a club-ready hit on the surface, but the lyrical content delves deeply into themes of existential longing and a need to be loved.

Empty” is a brazen improvement over the current single, “Nowhere.” This is also true of “Empty,” which is, in my opinion, Damien’s best song to date. not just because of the improved sound but also because of his improved production style and composition. This song is an incredible banger, and any day of the week, it could dine with Marylin Manson. Aggressive, strong, danceable, and unfiltered emotionally Just as I had anticipated from Damien, the incredible beat hypnotizes us, and the gritty synth overdubs create a gloomy mood ideal for any industrial or gothic club. With a powerful performance and enigmatic lyricism, Damien Johnson’s vocals sound stronger than ever, and the song was produced to make people dance, but it was also intended to convey a message of extreme despondency while using harsh electronica’s metallic beats.

Unquestionably a fantastic release that lays the way for the darkwave musician’s upcoming third album in three years, “Candidate For the Abyss,” scheduled to be released in June 2023.

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