Taydem Shoesmith releases her debut commercial pop single

Taydem Shoesmith wrote the song “Are you clapping?” as a result of his dissatisfaction with both society and the music business. The song is not only about love, but it’s about how toxic dating and love have become because of society.

Taydem Shoesmith is a new artist who has always had a passion for music. Her father would sing to her every night, which aroused her interest in music. During her first year in high school, she found peace in music, and she was initially hesitant to share her songs with anyone because she did not want to risk having her feelings and thoughts judged. But as time passed, she noticed many others felt the same way as she did, and she decided she would continue to share her masterpieces along with her love of music. She is also interested in acting, and her acting career began in 2020 when she was cast in the short film “In the Dark.” She has played the lead in several films and has composed music for them, including a theme song for a short series.

Taydem Shoesmith’s music spans the genres of singer-songwriter, pop, and alternative. On December 31st, 2022, she released a new track, “Are You Clapping?” about loving oneself and not letting others change who you are or want to be. Among her many influences are Michael JacksonRascal FlattsBillie HolidaySabrina Carpenter, and Camila Cabello. There’s a lot to enjoy here, from the joyful, immersive atmosphere to the charisma and personality that the artist injects into her vocals, and it’ll be intriguing to watch where she takes the sound as she establishes and develops it. The chill, danceable music complements the more dramatic poetry nicely, making for a delightful listening experience that works on a variety of levels, whether you’re searching for something to simply move to or something deeper to sink your teeth into.

Taydem Shoesmith believes this is her first song composed in rage. She recalled writing in her lyric book about her dissatisfaction with the people around her and with society in general. The first line you hear is “Apparently,” and she thinks it’s the perfect way to start this song. It’s a word that means Even if she doesn’t agree or think this way, she guesses this is the way most people want me to think. It has a sassy tone that truly sets the tone for the song.

Taydem Shoesmith’s song is about love, but it’s more about how society makes love and dating toxic. When we chat with people or go on dates, we think we have to act like the perfect person. We’re kind of setting ourselves up for failure by acting like someone they’d like to be with. It makes sense, she says, because in the past, relationships were not about love or connections but were really just business transactions. She must have reached the point when she was wondering why she was doing this. Why were people constantly advising her to chat more, smile more, flirt more, be less dull, and so on, when it came to relationships, Not only was it tiring to maintain that illusion, but she was also disappointed in herself for essentially lying about who she was in order to attract the attention of some male.

So, she’s stating in this song that she’s done putting on a show. “Cut the cameras, no I’m not acting,” is an odd line for her because she is also an actor. So, while she should have been acting when the cameras were running, she didn’t want to continue portraying this character in real life.

The primary line of the chorus and title of the song, “Are you clapping?” is one of Taydem Shoesmith’s favorite lines in the song. It’s a confident and daring statement. It gives you the impression that you’re pleased with your decision. It’s the equivalent of stating, “I made a wonderful decision, and I believe it deserves some applause!” Confidence in our decisions is critical, whether they are related to relationships, jobs, or life in general. That is the message she wishes people to take away from her song. You also earn main character energy when you sing “Are you clapping?

In short, Taydem Shoesmith considers this song to be very personal, and she believes that fans will be able to relate to this electro-pop dance anthem. “Are You Clapping?” was inspired by Taydem Shoesmith’s frustration with society and the music industry. The feeling of needing to put on a mask became stressful for her. If you want a guy’s attention, you should flirt but don’t come out too strong, and be mysterious but don’t come off bitchy—that was basically what Taydem Shoesmith was instructed to do in the industry.

Go listen to this masterpiece now!

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