Embark on a enchanting odyssey through the musical evolution of void Pleasantries rock band, as they craft a exclusive sound that intertwines raw emotional energy with the spirit of 80s and 90s American grunge and university rock titled “When in Rome”. As they hold their musical roots, this band is poised to shape the future of opportunity rock with their boundless ardor and real artistry. Don’t miss out on this captivating odyssey through Void Pleasantries emotive melodies.

Emerging from Bellshill, Scotland, Void Pleasantries had its beginnings rooted since 2007. Consisting of brothers Ross McKellar on guitar and vocals, his brother John McKellar on lead vocals, Thomas Shaw on bass, and either David Stewart or Jamie Keenan (of The LaFontaines fame) on drums.

The band emphasizes how they have changed as musicians and individuals by portraying their latest album as an exhibition of their past successes. The album covers a wide range of topics in each track, including introspective reflections on teenage defiance, love, and relationships, as well as rebellious protests against conformity. While some songs explore the personal experiences of the artists, others conjure masterful pictures of intrusive characters and betrayal.

 Since the band’s inception, Void Pleasantries has advanced significantly, polishing their technique and utilizing music to explore a variety of subjects. Their distinctive sound enthralls audiences with a combination of engrossing stories and potent tunes. As Thomas Shaw’s bass lines bring depth and rhythm to the mix, the McKellar brothers’ vocal and guitar harmonies give their songs a unique texture. Their expressive lyrics and impassioned performances are supported to a perfect degree by the rhythmic core, which is provided by the deft drumming of either David Stewart or Jamie Keenan.

Growth and change have characterized their band’s journey, both musically and personally. With their passionate performances and sympathetic lyrics, Void Pleasantries have gained a devoted fan base throughout their career as musicians, from their early days in the Scottish music scene to their current status as seasoned performers.

Void Pleasantries has explored a variety of subjects and emotions throughout their career, giving listeners a peek into their private lives. Their most recent album, which is the pinnacle of their artistic journey, demonstrates their musical maturity and skill. They explore the nuances of human experiences, whether it is the turmoil of teenage years, the thrill of love, or the agony of betrayal, by taking the listener on a thought-provoking trip with each track.

Void Pleasantries is dedicated to breaking through barriers and writing songs that connect with their audience as they continue to create waves in the music industry. Every time they play, their steadfast commitment to their craft and love of music are evident, creating an everlasting impression on those lucky enough to witness their artistry. Void Pleasantries has a bright future ahead of them and is surely prepared to soar to even greater heights in the music industry thanks to their ability and ingenuity.

The most recent album from Void Pleasantries, titled “When in Rome,” that was released on the 13th of July 2023, serves as a reflection of the band’s development as an entire group and as individuals. Their music masterfully captures the spirit of 80s and 90s rock, keeping listeners enthralled by its genuine and passionate character. With the goal of preserving their early work and opening the door for new songwriting, “When in Rome” represents a conscious effort on their part. The album has 11 tracks totaling 36 minutes and 10 seconds of pure magic. 

The track list for this artistry album is:












Tedious Lie: 

“Tedious Lie,” the album’s opening song, is a fascinating masterpiece that leads listeners on an introspective and emotional journey. The song’s opening instrumental medley grabs the audience right away and transports them to a world of vibrant rhythms and alluring melodies, leaving listeners mesmerized by the genuinely wonderful sound that is produced by the flawless blending of vocals and instrumentals.

No Good Reason:

“No Good Reason” captures the listener’s attention right away with hypnotic instrumentals and takes them on a pleasant voyage. The beginning of the song is a sensory treat that has been expertly composed to captivate the listeners’ ears and hearts. The poignant lyrics portray the emptiness of being alone and the ensuing joy of meeting someone special. The song then takes an unexpected turn as the lyrics tell a tale of betrayal and disappointment. The protagonist is let down, inflicting emotional pain when they were most vulnerable, shattering the trust that has been placed in them.

Be the Hunted:

“Be The Hunted” is the delightful album’s fourth song and stands out for its endearing message that reverberates long after the music has stopped. The skillfully mixed piano, guitar, and percussion combine seamlessly to provide a mesmerizing sound that seems to capture the listener’s soul. Everyone who hears the haunting lyrics’ raw emotion is profoundly affected by them. The song’s compelling message is centered on having a strong feeling of inner conviction, regardless of whether other people share that viewpoint.


This song was written by John McKellar and inspired by his very first high school crush. It is a sincere and intensely intimate ballad. The song skillfully conveys the flurry of feelings experienced during adolescent infatuation through its captivating lyrics; “Pretend I don’t want you; it makes me alive” is a line from the song that captures the fun, yet anxiously exhilarating, nature of early love, where the thrill is found in the delicate dance of attraction and apprehension. “Keep all my thoughts for you and speak between the lines,” one of the song’s lyrics, explores the appeal of hidden emotions and captures the emotional reluctance to fully express one’s heart in favor of subdued displays of affection.

Lose My Mind

“Lose My Mind” is one of the album’s most potent and emotionally charged songs. The song’s lyrics express feelings of emptiness and bewilderment. A fascinating mood is created for the song by the merging of the smooth drum beats and the seductive piano sound. When John McKellar was going through difficulty and was actually losing his mind, he wrote this song, and that gives this song a unique and genuine quality.

What Do You want

The album’s tenth song is a potent hymn of young rebellion against social pressure to fit in and repressive forces that strive to control their lives. The song presents a vivid picture of a rebellious and united front of youths refusing to yield to the pressures of conformity. Lyrics like “here we’re standing alone with our backs against the wall” are used to illustrate this point. The line “we’re free, free to be” is used as a rallying cry for uniqueness and self-expression, underscoring the desire for independence and the rejection of being forced to become something they are not.

The album “When In Rome” by Void Pleasantries invites you to share in their exciting musical journey while serving as a true tribute to their development as artists and individuals. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; unlock a world of musical enchantment while unwinding, hanging out with friends, or simply resting. Immerse yourself in the intriguing universe they have created, and let their album take you on an unforgettable journey. Why wait? Go listen to Void Pleasantries’ album “When In Rome” right away, and let the captivating melodies accompany you on your adventures!”

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